Friday, January 14, 2011

CA Desert & Algodones, Mexico

013016(Jan) The Moores and Sheeleys made their home in the desert on BLM ground near Ogilby Road, west of Yuma and east of the Great Sand Dunes in California for 10 days in early January. The weather was a bit chilly and rather windy but still allowed for some good days of walking and hiking. We once again hiked to the top of the Ogilby Hills and then took a long, scrambling way down to the south and then west; an excellent day of climbing & hiking! We enjoyed sharing meals and playing cards as well as a trip to the Q Casino for the buffet and $10 Free Play. One Wednesday, while Dean and C006huck headed in to Home Depot, Radio Shack & such, Judy and I joined a group of Boomers at the Main Street Theatre to see the movie ‘The Tourist’. We all enjoyed it and had a great time. Chuck and I also headed into The Foothills a couple of times to visit with Joanne. We’ve been have wonderful visits & so happy that we get to spend time with her.

007Last Monday we and the Sheeley’s headed to Los Algodones, Baja, Mexico. We’ve made several trips down into this border town since we’ve been in AZ this winter and it remains a very safe place to visit and shop. To the left you can see Judy, Dean & Chuck walking along the sidewalk on the American side just before crossing into Mexico; at the right Judy is looking at the Mexican sign welcoming us to Algodones. We had fun wandering through all of the shops and wares displayed on the streets, shopping, visiting a wonderful paneria or bakery and had a delicious lunch of shrimp tacos at Lupitas, a sidewalk cafe. Below are some of the sights and wares displayed around town.

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On Monday afternoon a BLM Officer came by with a pamphlet from their California Office and informed us that we were not parked within 350 feet of a numbered road so we would have to move. Hmmm…..the pamphlet nor posted signage does not mention this new rule but since we were going to Quartzsite soon and want to visit BLM land soon again and often, we moved. We joined another group of travelers that we know down near Sidewinder Road. It was good to see this group and join them for Happy Hour. Ritchie’s had driven out, too, to join us & the Sheeleys, Meilikes, Bennetts, Paynes, Whites and Gord & Darlene. After a trip to have brunch & stock up on provisions on Wednesday, yesterday was travel day. We headed over to Gray’s Well for water, dumped our tanks at the new facility in Blythe and arrived in Boomerville at Quartzsite to be greeted by Mattisons, Messicks, Harrisons and Sheeleys.  We are rig #5 and it sure looks different with this few rigs.  We joined Harrisons and Sheeley for a fun Happy Hour last night; today we’re walking and then off to Q to see what’s going on in town.008


mountainborn said...

Maybe a new BOOMER group or off shoot is in order. It could be called the "350 footers" ! He, he, glad you guys are enjoying your selves.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of a 350' rule. What exactly is it? (You have to be within 350' of a street? Wouldn't that defeat the idea of boondocking?)

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