Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ed’s BD Party

(Jan) Betty & Duane grilling hotdogs at Ed's BD PartyEd’s BD Party is a fun tradition with a great story behind it. Betty Anderson has hosted a Birthday Party for Duane for years now and because of a late bakery order the only cake available was one that said ‘Happy Birthday Ed’. It seems that Ed had died and Betty got the cake for half price. And so the annual Ed’s Eating in the Rain - Ed's BD PartyBirthday Party was born!  And to add a little spice to this years event, the weather did not co-operate. LHC received an inch of rain Saturday so the party was postponed to Sunday. However, Mother Nature didn’t co-operate that well on Sunday either and just about the time Betty & Duane put the hotdogs on the grill, we were treated to rain, hail and a couple of loud claps of thunder! But the Boomer group was not deterred fromat Betty & Duane's having a good time….we headed under awnings and umbrellas & into nearby parked cars briefly and then proceeded celebrating ED with hotdogs & buns, lots of salads & side dishes and Ed’s birthday cake.

havasu fireworksWe enjoyed several hikes around the steps this past week to several of the higher hills. We missed getting a picture of the hiking group but thanks to Betty, we have a photo of one of the Pegs & Jokers games we enjoyed. Here’s Bill Pollock, Jan, Duane Peyton, Gisela Pollock and Chuck. Connie & Larry Farquhar also joined us for many games. And, of courses, the main attraction this week-end for many was the Western Pyrotechnics Winter Blast shows on Thursday through Sunday nights. Very Exciting! Awesome! Spectacular! 

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