Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life goes on after Boomerville

005(Jan) Leaving Boomerville is always a little bit sad but also, fun because you know that your next adventure is right around the corner.  Or in our case only 5 miles down the road! We had ordered a Magne Shade for our windshield from Ken & Mary Ann Watson last week and then decided that we wanted the the Magne Shades to cover the wheels too. The windshield shade is made in North Carolina & will be shipped to us in 3 weeks but Mary Ann makes the wheel shades in their shop right there in Quartzsite. Monday we headed into Quartzsite to have Ken help us install them. They and the windshield shade are held in place with Rare Earth Magnets and are very easy to install & remove. We had pulled our rig in behind their shop for the installation and after that was done we roamed around Quartzsite for awhile picking up a couple of needed items. The weather had definitely changed form the previous balmy 2 1/2 weeks at Boomerville and the wind was howling and the dust was blowing. Ken & Mary Ann006 closed their shop early that day and we had a wonderful time grilling dinner and visiting. We stayed for the night in Quartzsite and joined them across the street for omelets at their favorite breakfast place the next morning.

After fond farewells to these two wonderful friends we headed down to Yuma and Mittry Lakes for one night. Because we want to spend time with Joanne and other friends in town we decided to look for a place in the Foothills. This time of the year that is a tall order! But thanks to Dan & Jenny Sheppard, we have a beautiful spot on their lot on 47th Street where the pictures above were taken. With snow storms & blizzards raging across a large area of the US, the weather here has been cold, too, and very windy. But unlike the below zero readings in the north, our lows are in the 30’s and the winds & dust storms in the open areas should calm down by the week-end. It’s good to be a ‘townie’ for a week or so.

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Dean and Judy Sheeley said...

And Dean and I were wishing that we had stayed in AZ but you are having cold weather too. It won't last for long.

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