Friday, February 11, 2011

Palm Canyon KOFA National Wildlife Refuge

(Jan) KOFA palmsPalm Canyon, on the KOFA NWR, is accessible by 7 miles KOFA Palms 2of gravel road from Hwy 95 at MM85. From the trailhead, it’s an easy half mile hike, 250 feet elevation gain, through Palo Verde and Ironwood trees on rocky terrain. There’s also Barberry bushes and Saguaro cactus and although it is a habitat for Desert Bighorn Sheep, we weren’t fortunate enough to see them. The canyon is cut through a formation of rhyolite, a volcanic rock. Water cutting through the rhyolite formed the main canyon and side canyon where the palms are found. Reportedly he only native palm trees in Arizona, it is believed that the California Fan Palms are the descendants of trees growing in this area during the last period of glaciation. When you get to the end of the trail and look up into the canyon on the north side, you can see the palm trees nestled in their steep side canyon. The lighting was poor while we were there; these file photos will do them justice.

032(Chuck) We have driven past the KOFA Mountains many times and have034 noticed the distinctive formations where Palm Canyon is located. I tried to take a stylized photo with the Cholla Cactus in the frame. And when you mess with a Cholla you risk this. It requires a little work with a needle nose pliers, but it is not terminal. Many people call this the Jumping Cholla, but I have not witnessed one to jump, however I did have one follow me home one day and rest beside the step on our rig.

(Jan) We’re home on the desert at MM95 / BLM Roadrunner. This is a stopover on our way north to Lake Havasu City. It’s quiet and peaceful here. The sun is shining and we’re enjoying our down time.


ourbusandus said...

Have fun at Lake Havasu! We may miss you when you get back to Yuma, as we've decided to spend some time at some Thousand Trails parks before we go to work, first one being in the San Diego area. Hope to see you next winter!

Hugs, Sharon & Ron

Sally Schindel said...

Wonderful cholla picture! Even better, the story of the one that followed you home! UR so funny...

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