Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quartzsite - Week 2

The fun continued on the second week and the activities & Boomers multiplied!

  • Walking, 4 Wheel drives, Bike Rides, Hikes and a fireside concert by Sally Banks.001
  • More films were shared at the Pace Theatre – Rose Bowl Parade, Albuquerque Balloonfest, Western Canada & Alaska
  • Eating Events – more pancakes w/Bob & Gretchen Mattison, Dessert Potluck, Chili Cook-off, a Dinner Potluck featuring Trash Can Turkey by Mark Thornton & Judie St. Croix, Wine tasting w/hors d’oeuvrses and a group outing for pizza at Silly Al’s w/Bill & Fran Rayner.
  • Classes for Boondocking, Smartphones, going to Alaska & Mexico, T-shirt braiding, Jewelry Wrapping, Crocheted Necklaces and Spinners.
  • Fun stuff w/friends – Pegs & Jokers w/Jim & Diane Fisher Baker + visiting w/Laurie Brown & Odel King, lunch at Casa Rancho w/Dean & Judy Sheeley and Bruce Richmond, Dinner and P&J at Steve & Pam Ritchies w/Ken & Jo Bloedell, a going away visit w/Dean & Judy and Bruce & Dee, Birthday Party for Elaine Canell, a campfire at Bruce & Nancy Butlers, P&J w/Ron & Sharon Mead and Betty Andersen & Duane Peyton, Beading & visiting w/Connie & Larry Farquhar, Visiting & computer talk w/Dick & Beth Miller,001 Dinner at Bill & Gisela Pollocks w/Chris Christiansen and breakfast at Mick & Ann Meilikes.
  • Going into Quartzsite to the Big Tent, Tyson Wells, Rice Ranch and the QIA Gem Show.
  • Happy Hour each day & a lively New Boomer Skit.
  • And the group continued to work and share together doing trash runs, providing tables for potlucks & classes, sharing citrus fruit brought from home and having a lively free table & book swap. And of course, the CARE auction w/auctioneers Steve Ritchie & Gretchen Mattison.

005One of our major projects each year is to raise funds for CARE. We were presented with a certificate for the $11,000 we had already raised and our auction + a raffle for a Pegs & Jokers Board hand crafted by Loren Webster brought in an additional $2,500+. This year for the auction Chuck & I donated a small vacuum, a gift basket of hand lotions & a service project - trips to town to get water for people’s RVs. We also purchased several items at the auction but were not the final bidders on Steve Ritchie’s Magic Show.  However, our friends, the Pollocks were and they invited us & several other friends to watch the show.  It was held Friday night at our Rig and we had a wonderful time. Steve is a very good illusionist and presented a very entertaining performance!


Jan reading off the serial number on a dollar bill that was later presented to the group tucked in an unpeeled lemon!! Steve also dazzled us with many card tricks & numerous illusions. Very Fun!
The Magic Show Group – Chuck & Bill Pollock in front, Jeannie & Nick Schmitz, Gisela Pollock, Jan, Steve & Pam Ritchie, Beth Myers and Chris Christiansen and in back Tom Doerr and Mike Myers.


chili cook offChuck and I hosted the Chili Cook-off again this year at Boomerville. There were 17 mouth-watering entries and Gretchen Mattison was awarded the first place Chili Bowl trophy!  Beth Miller was awarded the Traveling Trophy, a signed bookmark from Paul Wimmer, for second place and Bill Pollock’s Texas Red, in third place, garnered the un-opened box for Mexican Mints. This year’s over qualified judges were Carole Schneider, last year’s winner Judy Sheeley, new Boomer Don Wicks, Gisela Pollock, Ken Bloedell and Mick Meilike, who was missing in action for the photo. 

Chili Cook Off 2011 winner Gretchen at right and Chili Judges below.

chili cook off 1
chili cook off 2

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