Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Steps and SARA Park

the steps

(Jan) We’re back at ‘the Steps’, AZ public lands, south of Lake Havasu City. A group of Escapee Boomers, Solos and Happy Hour - the StepsRoving Rods are gathered here for the Pyrotechnics event this week-end. And if you’re a Boomer, you’re here for Ed’s Birthday Party on Sat. afternoon.  It’s been a fun time so far. The Boomers have enjoyed daily Happy Hours, a potluck Brunch, and a trip to the 038Elks for BBQ Ribs. Other fun activities have included watching remote controlled boat races at LHC, fun nights playing Pegs & Jokers w/Pollocks, Farquhars & Peyton/Andersons and learning how to knit from Connie, Ann & Gisela. (Chuck) Ben Frint organized a volunteer Boomer clean-up. He talked with the local Arizona highway officials and they delivered plastic bags and will pick them up when they are filled. Boomers went through the Steps and cleaned up any trash that they found. We will always leave a site cleaner than we found it.

(Jan) Tuesday we headed over to the SARA (Special Activities & Recreation Area) Park complex south of LHC. 008Our friends Bruce and Dee had hiked there a couple of years ago and their hike to ‘Crack in the Mountain’ in particular caught our attention. 001It’s a 3 hour round trip hike down towards the lake through a a slot canyon. And my, oh my, was it fun! After a mile or so hike over hills & though a wash we entered a canyon where the walls narrowed, the floor dropped down dry water falls and there’s big boulders to scramble over. The most notable dry water fall is a 7 foot drop that you either slide down on your bottom = me or a more controlled descent by bracing yourself on either wall with your arms & legs = Chuck. The slot canyon is a great 300 foot adventure that opens up to another dry wash.  At that point we headed back up on a different trail and headed back to the parking lot. Awesome hike!  So glad we did it.

The canyon walls are starting to narrow as we head into the slot canyon. To the right is the 7 foot drop that we went down.

right in the middle of the canyon and very narrow paths and more big drops to negotiate.
We loved it!!

037(Chuck) As we started Tuesdays hike to the Slot Canyon we noticed a group of hikers at the peak of the tallest mountain directly in front of us. It looked like a “too good to be true place”. In the binoculars it looked as if there was a table up there, or something similar. When we finished the Slot Canyon we knew that it would take more energy than we had left, so it was planned to go back today. 020A little research on the web proved that it was a popular hike and there was indeed a picnic table on the top of the mountain. At the table (N 34.43834 W114.27355) the elevation is 1370 feet, which leaves the total climb to be about 850 feet. Most of the elevation gain is quite steep, but on a well marked trail. It was two and one half hours door to door and well worth it. It has to rank up there with our all time favorites. The view was spectacular and the weather perfect for an aggressive hike. The picnic table on Lizard Peak is a winner.

014 015
On Left –Looking up from the trail towards Lizard Peak on the Picnic Table Mountain Trail. Above - Coming up to a level section of the trail after a hard climb
Chuck looking toward the lake on the saddle between peaks018

028On the top looking south

On the top looking north w/the lake and Lake Havasu City in the background030

Headed back down the trail on the western slope


Nancy said...

What beautiful and challenging hikes you two are taking. These photos are wonderful. Love seeing them.

Diane said...

Hi Jan and Chuck,

If you see Carolyn and Pete at the steps, give them a hug from us...

And hopefully next season, we can chat about the different hikes you both have taken... you have been to some incredible places and would love to hear about them.....

Have a great time and see you next season,
slowly heading east to PA - currently in Benson...
Hope to be at the Steps next year - :-)))

Sally Schindel said...

Love those hike pictures. We'll have to do those next tinme through that area. Thx for sharing them. Miss you guys...s

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