Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Foothills as seen from a Bicycle


004(Jan) The skies have been a brilliant blue and each morning the temperature have been in the lower 80’s and not too windy. It’s been perfect weather to get out on our bikes and ride! It’s such a fun way to stop and smell the roses or daisies such as the native ones at left that grow along many streets. The different types of agave plants are now shooting out their amazing flower stems up into the air. The agave in the top right photo is an Agave Angustifolia. Pictured in the bottom photo at right is an Agave Chiapensis with it’s flowering stem 006shooting up about 20 feet. We’re not sure what the flowering tree is in the picture below but it was magnificent! 007Biking is a great way to check the many FOR SALE property signs. Want a closer look? Just make a u-turn in the middle of the wide, smooth streets and check it out. Because many of the properties are second homes for northern visitor and are bought at retirement age, there is a always a large turn over in lots & houses. No, we’re not looking to buy. It’s just interesting to see what is on the market and what the prices are. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays there is an extra attraction; Garage & Yard Sales. Today’s finds were several paperbacks. Also, Joanne’s house is about 2 1/2 miles away so each day we get to stop and visit.009001

Another fascination as we bike the streets are the many bronze and metal sculptures we see. Today we found a Giraffe north west of Joanne’s house! The Horse pictured at right is a couple of blocks south in our neighborhood and this beautiful pair on Herons decorate the lawn of a house up the hill toward Foothills Blvd.005The first several days on bikes our trips were lasting 3 or 4 miles. Two days ago we pedaled 8 and today’s effort was 15 miles. Okay, I know that’s not much but we’re having a ball and thanks to a tutorial by FB messaging our friend Nancy on how to use the gears, our legs are lasting longer! Mi RanchoChuck checking the air in the tires and raising our seats to the proper height sure helped, too.

And amid all that biking, there’s always time for friends. Wednesday we were over at Jim & Diane Fischer Baker’s new property over on South Bonnie Street. It’s a wonderful location with views of the mountains, a nice, small house and good landscaping. We had a great visit & Happy Hour, dined on tasty broasted chicken from a neighborhood take-out and played a little Pegs & Jokers. Girls 3, Guy 2. Congrats on your new place, Jim & Diane!

Our friend Karen called that evening with an invitation for a late lunch Friday at Mi Rancho. The food was very good and plentiful and the company was even better. Seated at left are; Darlene & Ben Frint, Jim & Sherry White, Chuck & I and Mickey & Karen Bennett. Missing were Bill & Kaaren Payne. We met these four couples the first year at Boomerville, our first ever Boomer event. We’ve gotten to see the Bennetts & Paynes each year but this winter was the first year that we got to see the Frints and Whites again. What a treat to be together again.


Sweet Sue said...

Very nice blog, Jan & Chuck. I'll check back again soon!

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Thanks, Sue! Just caught up reading your Blogs, too. Hope your hand heals quickly! Sure enjoyed all of the pictures & your write-up from our time at the Steps. Hugs, J&C

Nancy said...

Hello you guys: Another great post! Those bikes seem to make it so much easier to get to all the spots of interest in the Foothills. Nice move. And your legs must be really strong and shapely. :)
Nancy and Jerry

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Nancy, Man, we miss you and Jerry! Last year at this time you were here on the 53rd Street lot w/us. Good times! How's Florida? Hugs, J&C

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