Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Traveling back south

Kit Fox(Jan) We left Vegas on a Sunday and stayed a couple of nights at MM99 south of Quartzsite. Kit FoxThis quiet spot in the desert gave us time to catch up on bookwork and housework and do some hiking.  Tuesday morning as we were getting ready to leave we had a visit from this Kit Fox. We watched him for quite awhile from the MH and then he allowed us to walk within 25 feet of him.

Because there wasn’t room on the lot we rent on 53rd Street until the following day, we spent one night boondocking at the VFW north of the Foothills on Hwy 95. It’s an okay place but with the busy Highway, Kingsbury's Happy Hourthe main railroad line and a small airport close by it gets a pretty noisy!  Our stay was a fun one though as we got to visit with Joanne and also have Ron & Sharon Mead come over to play Pegs & Jokers They are headed to San Diego soon so it was great to spend some time with them.

Being back on the 53rd Street lot in the Foothills is always a little bit like coming home. We’re 2 miles from Joanne here so we get to stop at her house often and there are lots of Boomer friends in the area.P&J gathering Friday night we met the Meads downtown and had dinner at Applebees. Saturday found us at a Happy Hour on 51st Street at Sonny & Linda Kingsbury’s with about 40 Boomerrs gathered. The food was delicious and a very good time was had by all! Monday we invited the Kingsbury’s and Gruelle’s over for dinner and Pegs & Jokers. Unlike Chuck’s and Ron’s phenomenal luck on Thursday, Linda, Dianne and I managed to win two out of three from Sonny, Frank and Chuck. The best part was enjoying the fun and laughter with these two great couples.

Riding Bikes in the Foothills has been great. The wide paved streets plus mostly flat terrain has been good for us novice bike riders. Plus, there’s lots of fun people to see along the way; a lemonade stop to visit Bruce & Linda Butler, a ice water stop at Dan & Jenny Sheppards and meeting Jenny’s mom and dad and today we were invited for lunch at Joanne’s when we stopped mid-day. Life is good!

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Nancy said...

Great Post! Your encounter with the fox must have been exciting, having him be so friendly. Good to see you continuing with all your special times in Yuma, too.

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