Friday, April 29, 2011

Cabela's, Kansas City

(Chuck) Once again we are at the Cabels’s lot in Kansas City, KS. It is a good place to stay while we are in the area to visit Jan’s sister. This time Jan’s brother flew into KC and the three of them traveled to Iowa to visit their mother. It gives them time together for the trip and I am holding down the fort at Cabela’s. It is a fun store to hang out in and I have taken advantage of it.

Most of my time has been consumed with genealogy. When I bought my first digital camera I started messing around taking photos of gravestones. I thought it was a nice way to record the stones. We have noticed several older family stones that are made of softer sandstone that have deteriorated greatly in the last forty years. One stone in particular that we read years ago and recorded the inscription is now impossible to read. Photography will preserve the inscriptions for future generations. I belong to a group which records gravestones on the web. I am not yet very active in it but I hope to contribute in the future. Find A Grave is the name of the site and it is an excellent resource.

We had an embarrassing incident happen last week. Our Yahoo account was hijacked and spam was sent to everyone in our Contact List. Jan said “Why do we have a “Failure to deliver” notification for all these people???? They were old addresses that were apparently not good. All I could say was “Oh this is not good.” We do not click unknown URL’s and we are very careful to keep antivirus software active. I have recently overlooked firewall management which may or may not have contributed to the problem. Our son Brent indicated that the intrusion originated in Guatemala and was probably the result of a “Blunt Force” attack. I have been lax about maintaining password protection. My passwords have all become very simple and therefore easy to compromise. When we discovered the bounced messages, we immediately sent out an e-mail indicating that we possibly had been hijacked and to disregard the sent message. This led to a very good discussion on the Boomer list which was productive for many of us who have neglected passwords. Several programs are available for password management and I tried several and settled with LastPass. I have found that it is exactly what I was looking for. Simple, free, and very easy to use. If you are working off of a word document and key stroking or cut and paste your passwords, you should look over LastPass, it will simplify your life.
Happy Trails, Chuck

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Good post, Chuck. I'm going to check out LastPass.

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