Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lost Dutchman State Park Spring Boomerang Part II

31March2011 002(Jan) Wednesday at the Rang several in the group hiked the Hackberry Trail while Chuck & I biked around the campground roads and then walked over to the desert ‘garden’ up by the front gate. One of the neat features was a measuring stick showing the growth of a Saguaro Cactus for the past 40 years.001 Several hilarious hours that afternoon were spent figuring out how to play the dice game Farkle! Jo had played the game some time ago and really liked it so she found the directions on-line. Diane found her travel Farkle game, too, and it became fun entertainment for several afternoons during the week.

(Chuck) This warm stretch of weather has brought out the rattlesnakes. One afternoon Ken and Jo Bloedel’s dog was very nervous and excited and Jo looked under their motorhome to find a four foot Western Diamondback. Jo snatched her dog up and brought it to safety. Jo may have been a little shaken since she was so close but for the rest of us it was a treat to see it. It moved off back into the desert after we had a chance to look it over. This is the first time we have been here late enough in the warm weather to have snakes out.

31March2011 100(Jan) Organ Stop Pizza is a delightful Pizza Place in Mesa. 31March2011 096Wednesday evening our group traveled there to take in the show and eat some good pizza and even better ice cream! Organ Pipe Pizza is home to the world’s larges Wurlitzer Theatre Organ and Lew Williams was the organ player. Our favorite was the crowd standing & singing America the Beautiful & our National Anthem.

006(Chuck) Jan and I took an excursion up Siphon Draw Trail on Thursday. We did not complete the 5.8 mile trail to the top as it is a very difficult finish to Flat Iron Peak. I would like to think that we were nearly half way up. It is a great view of the metro valley area. 31March2011 102

(Jan) Thursday was a day for 4x4 Drives, hiking, golfing, biking, shopping trips & tours of the near-by ghost town. After Chuck & I hiked Siphon Draw, we headed over to the Goldfield Ghost Town with Jim & Diane. In 1892 gold was discovered and the bustling town of Goldfield was born. We enjoyed wandering the streets and popping into the many interesting shops. The cactus store was one of our favorites and the ice cream was very good, too! At high noon we watched an Old West Shoot Out in the street in front of the Saloon between the town’s sheriff and some “mighty mean riff raff’. Lawmen 4, outlaws 0, tourists all unharmed!

31March2011 116

Goldfield, AZ31March2011 104

The day ended with a delicious potluck dinner shared by all and talking around the campfire. Friday morning was spent visiting before everyone headed out in different directions. It was a very fun time and we’ll look forward to doing it again next year.

31March2011 135

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