Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rattlesnakes & Casinos

068001(Chuck) Saturday April 16 was the big day for the Apache Rattlesnake Festival. The festival has been held since 1983. We were not sure what to expect, but it has grown to be a large town celebration. Vendors line the main street for 3 blocks and the event is a family affair. There were Native Americans dressed in very colorful costumes and we watched them do several dances. The town also holds an all town garage sale and a rodeo on the weekend of the Festival.


064A pair of locals enjoying their turkey legs at left
The brightly costumed Native American dancers above

In a building along Main Street there were many rattlesnakes on display in an enclosure. Two local snake hunters presented various snakes to the public. Western Diamondbacks were the principle breed. Many of them were larger than the one we had in camp at the Superstition Mountain Boomerang.
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035 002

The building, the snake handlers, Jan watching from a safe distance and rattlesnake skins for sale.

015While visiting the Lawton, OK area we stayed at the Fort Sill Apache Casino. We had pulled into the parking lot and were unhooking and a man stopped his car beside us and seemed to want to talk about our motorhome. I mentioned to him that we were hoping to stay at the casino while we were in the area. It turned out that I was rapping with the Chairman of the Fort Sill Apache Tribe. He gave me permission to park in a vacant area by the employee parking. It was a great place to be and we found that every time we walked by security personal or an employee we were treated like rock stars.

Today we move on to Oklahoma City where we will stay at the Elks in Midwest City, OK.


Anonymous said...

Jan, We are in your part of the country now. Holed up at the Sams Club in Sioux City, It is cold. We are headed for Rapid City, SD but it is predicted snow. Margie & Tom Maloney

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Yikes, Margie! Don't like hearing about the snow....stay warm! We're headed to west central IA soon. Hugs, J&C

Anonymous said...

We decided to park for a week in Sioux Falls. Maybe it will get warmer, besides the RV parks in
Rapid City do not open until May 1 Did not anticipate that. Margie

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