Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ames & Gilbert and Chuck’s ‘old guy pass’

002We found a great place to boondock in Gilbert, just 3 miles north of our son’s house in north Ames. And with Stephen and Katie in the Gilbert school district and the younger kids playing and Brent coaching Little League in Gilbert, we were within blocks of Stephen’s track meet and Michael & Brent’s baseball game. Saturdays events were rousing successes; a first place for Stephen’s track team and a 9-4 victory at the ball field.

Sunday was our granddaughter Anne’s First Communion at St Cecelia’s followed by a celebration at Brent and Donna’s. I was wonderful spending the day with our sons Brent’s & Eric’s families as well as Donna’s parents and her brother’s family. Couldn’t have had a nicer Mother’s Day!

013 019Brent & Donna and Anne at left. Gramma & Grampa above with Katie, Anne, Madeleine, Libby, Michael and Stephen.

Gilbert has a nice walking/biking trail in and around the grounds of their elementary school as well as nice paved streets to ride on. We rode bikes to get around town to the sporting events as well as using the bike trail.  We also took the bikes down to Ada Hayden in north Ames and rode the trails around the lake.  We’re sure enjoying our bicycles.010

004Chuck headed to a ballgame with Brent and Michael in Jewel Monday night. Stephen had summer job orientation which I got to give him a ride to and then Katie and I took Anne and Libby to their spring concert. Mom and Maddie stayed at home to catch up on rest after the busy week-end and recuperate from colds. It was so much fun for Chuck and I! After a delicious Casey’s Taco Pizza for Tuesday lunch with Brent, Donna and Maddie, Chuck and I hit the road.

Our first order of business was to purchase a National Senior Pass for Chuck at the Neil Smith National Wildlife Refuge near Prairie City, Iowa. Yes, he is finally ‘of age’ to get his ‘old guy pass’. The Refuge and Learning Center teaches about the prairie and is home to a herd of Bison. We didn’t spend a lot of time there though. Chuck has shared his ‘horrible chest cold’ with me, so we will go back at another time to explore.

The Corp of Engineer’s Campground at Coralville Lake is our home for the next couple of days. We have a great place by the lake, internet & TV reception is good and w/Chuck’s ‘old guy' pass’ it’s $9 a night. We’re taking time to get well and then we’re on our way to Lake in the Hills, Illinois to visit Eric, Cheri, Ryan and Jess.

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Dean and Judy Sheeley said...

I tried to leave a comment two days ago but the blogger was done. Glad to see Chuck is catching up to us with his OFP! Hope you have gotten over your cold. Sounds like you are having a great time with family.

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