Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back in Iowa

(Jan) More than any other place we’ve been, the place with the largest population of birds is our farm in west central Iowa. The air is filled with bird song. The variety is amazing. Below are a pair of cardinals that particularly like sitting on our pick-up.

035 A male Northern Cardinal to the left and the female below.018
There’s also an abundance of rabbits to watch and lots of deer tracks but we haven’t seen any yet. So far we’ve seen two cats that are making our machine shed their home. One is a sleek black & white, the other a long haired carmel colored. It’s been fun watching the menagerie in between picking up fallen branches & sticks and cleaning out the flower beds. Chuck’s horrible chest cold is finally improving. We’re hoping to go to Ames to be with our family this week-end.

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Dean and Judy Sheeley said...

I'm sure that you are enjoying being with family. Chuck we hope you get well soon. Miss you both.

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