Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chicagoland with the Moores

002(Jan)Luckily we have found a wonderful place to be when we visit our son Eric and family when we are in the Chicago area. For the last several years we have stayed at Paul Wolff CG just twenty minutes away from their house in Lake in the Hills. Last year PW CG expanded their CG by 50 sites and the new part is a very nice improvement.007 PW is in the Burnidge Forest Reserve so Chuck and I had a marvelous time biking the trails while Eric and Cheri were at work Friday and the kids were in school. Friday was a hot humid day before becoming wet and windy for the rest of the week-end.

We had such a wonderful visit with Eric, Cheri, Ryan and Jessica! It was awesome getting to hang out with them at their house; great conversations, lots of laughter and delicious food! Friday night Eric and Jessica came to visit and play Phase 10! We also got to go to Jessica’s school open house Thursday night and her soccer game on Saturday morning. Saturday evening we attended Ryan’s HS Musical ‘Promises, Promises.’  Ryan had a part as a Freshman, as well as being in the main choreographed group song. What fun it is to be a grandparent to these two talented kids. After another fun day visiting at their house on Sunday we were ready to hit the road on Monday.


Our middle son Eric, our oldest grandson Ryan and Grampa Chuck

Granddaughter Jessica, Gramma Jan and D-I-L Cheri

Monday found us headed south and east on I88 in Illinois and I80 in Iowa. We pulled into Saylorville COE CG at about 6; we are in Prairie Flower, Coneflower Loop. Today we rode bikes on the bike trails over past the Marina towards the Mile Long bridge. Chuck got out and did several other solo rides as I spent part of the day still recuperating from this awful cold/flu.  Next year we are definitely getting Flu Shots!

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