Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A week in June

  • 008(Jan) What’s going on with the Moore’s this week?013
  • Bicycling with friend Nancy and lunch at the Corner CafĂ© with she and friend Betty
  • More cleaning up around the building sites and trips to Pollock’s salvage yard
  • Visiting with mom at the Swan House
  • A Birthday Party at Becki’s house for Nancy with my local girlfriends.
  • Spending the week-end with Brent and Donna and Grandkids
  • Having a successful garage sale with Brent and Donna over the week-end
  • Spending Monday morning at the hospital seeing doctors and getting mom’s back x-rayed. She had fallen and has a compression fracture
  • Visiting w/Jan’s former co-worker & husband, Bev and Dave
  • Having a family picnic at the Swan House w/mom tonight
  • Watching a visiting deer right in front of our Motorhome007

Monday, June 20, 2011

Recycling Iron

(Chuck) The last week we have been busy hauling iron to the local scrap yard. I had some older obsolete farm equipment that I finally decided needed a better home. The scrap prices are very high now ($240 per ton) and it is a good time to take advantage of it. Jan and I hauled two old discs, two elevators, a old corn sheller, a plow and many other mixed loads to Pollock Salvage Yard in Vail. It was a worthwhile effort and the building sites are a little cleaner now.

One of today’s projects was to install new cooling fans in the refrigerator. Several months ago they had been making a lot of noise, then quit altogether. I had been putting this off for a while. It turned out to be a simple job to disconnect wires, LP gas and the water line to the ice maker. I made a support on the floor and Jan and I slid the refrigerator inside and I installed the new fans. We put everything back in place and it is cooling now.

20June2011_animWe are sitting here going through another rain storm. So far there has been no lightning and some wind. The bad part is we are getting some hail, which we hope will not get worse. Storms like this are a common part of living in the Great Plains, some are worse than others.

(Jan) I’ve enjoyed this week of ‘recycling iron’. It’s been kind of a kick getting the tractor out, hooking up equipment and working together as a team. Other activities have included having son Brent and grandkids Katie, Michael and Ann here for a visit. Sister Linda & B-I-L Richard were in Iowa a week ago so we spent time visiting mom at the Swan House and gathering at brother Glen & S-I-L Mary Ann’s house. This week-end we got to meet our new great nephew Ryker Jeffery and went down to see Brent and Donna and grandkids in Ames.


Peonies and roses. Chuck with son Brent and Jan with mom at the Swan House.
Jan & Dolores 005

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taking a break at Swan Lake

(Jan) We and local friends Ron and Edna, decided to take a bicycling break for a couple of days this week 002so we moved our rigs up to Swan Lake State Park near Carroll, Iowa. The Sauk Rail Trail which follows an abandoned railroad line, runs from Swan Lake, southeast of Carroll through the towns of Maple River, Breda, Carnavon and on to Black Hawk Lake at Lake View. It’s entire 33 mile length is asphalt or cement surfaced. Monday’s ride took us from Carroll to 1.5 miles NW of Maple River and then back. It’s a picturesque ride through rolling farm ground, much of it along the Middle Raccoon River. Tuesday’s ride started in Breda and headed south through the Hazelbrush Wildlife area. When we got to Monday’s stopping point we headed back north. The wind was particularly strong on Tuesday so we headed into the wind going south and enjoyed a nice tail wind heading north. Wednesday our ride007 found us at the Whiterock Conservancy near Coon Rapids on the Garst Farm Trail. The ‘soft trails’ which means packed gravel, was very hilly on the southern section but also very beautiful as it wounds through woodlands and ponds. The northern section started along the Middle Racoon River and wound through the town of Coon Rapids and south to our starting point at the Visitor’s Center. Each was a morning ride as wind and temps rose each afternoon. Tuesday’s high reached 100 degrees.

Edna hosted a birthday party for our friend Betty on Monday evening at Swan Lake. Along with several other friends, six of us started getting together back in 1974. Eighteen children and 37 grandchildren (and counting) later, we’re still enjoying getting together! Pictured at left are Karen, Betty and Edna in front; Jan, Becki and Nancy in back.

We thoroughly enjoyed the biking and visiting with friends here in the campgrounds and several others who stopped by to see us. Edna & I enjoyed lunch at A&W Wednesday with friends Nancy & Karen one day plus I got to visit my mom in Carroll several times. Even though the weather turned out very hot, it’s been a nice break for us. 

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