Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A week in June

  • 008(Jan) What’s going on with the Moore’s this week?013
  • Bicycling with friend Nancy and lunch at the Corner Café with she and friend Betty
  • More cleaning up around the building sites and trips to Pollock’s salvage yard
  • Visiting with mom at the Swan House
  • A Birthday Party at Becki’s house for Nancy with my local girlfriends.
  • Spending the week-end with Brent and Donna and Grandkids
  • Having a successful garage sale with Brent and Donna over the week-end
  • Spending Monday morning at the hospital seeing doctors and getting mom’s back x-rayed. She had fallen and has a compression fracture
  • Visiting w/Jan’s former co-worker & husband, Bev and Dave
  • Having a family picnic at the Swan House w/mom tonight
  • Watching a visiting deer right in front of our Motorhome007

1 comment:

Dean and Judy Sheeley said...

Looks like you are staying busy. Love the deer.

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