Thursday, July 28, 2011


062(Jan) This summer is the 39th edition of RAGBRAI – Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. Conceived by two Des Moines Register Reporters who enjoyed biking, this ride takes bicyclists from west to east across the state of Iowa in one week. The 370-400 miles, depending on each year’s route, is split into Sunday through 070Saturday rides of 55-70 miles each day.  This years route took bikers through Carroll County with a lunch stop at Manning, our home town, and an Overnight stop in Carroll.063

Chuck and I were on our way home from Illinois, Indiana and Ohio and wanted to stop for a day or two to see my mom so stopping at Swan Lake State Park near Carroll and seeing RAGBRAI roll through worked out perfectly.

Many support people with RV’s or Pop-up’s joined us at the Campground so they and their riders could enjoy electrical hook-ups and Air-conditioning. But most of the riders carry their own camping gear; setting up and tearing down tents and camp sites each day. (Above right) Also, many belong to Bike Clubs that provide tents and set up and tear down at each night’s stop. (above left) 

Manning hosted a fun & busy lunch stop. The pictures below are courtesy of the Manning Chamber of Commerce.

270111_225582717484190_117140281661768_583390_6743771_n[1] Pouring into town on Main Street


Taking a break in the shade of the RecCenter


Relaxing under the trees at the city park

and below

being entertained by ‘Nuns on the Run’


Heading east on Hwy 141 on their way to Templeton


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reiman Gardens


(Jan) There’s a beautiful garden oasis just south of the Iowa State Football field in Ames, Iowa called Reiman Gardens. Sunday we spent a lovely time there with Brent and Donna’s family after going to Hickory Park for lunch. Pictured above is a Dragonfly Sculpture, one of many featured around the grounds.

One of our favorite spots was the Butterfly Garden.


                       ……….and on Anne’s hands!
014We were there just in time to see a member of the Staff release several ‘just out of their chrysalis’ butterflies. One promptly landed on Madeleine’s dress …………012
002 Below Stephen, Libby, Michael and Katie are watching the release.006

Despite the hot temperatures it was a great afternoon to stroll down the paths through the gardens enjoying the vivid colors around us. We ended our visit at their house eating dark sweet cherries and chocolate cookies. Yum! 


Pictured above are Stephen, Madeleine, Michael, Chuck, Kate, Jan, Anne and Libby.

017Day Lilies


Below are Stephen, Madeleine, Michael, Katie, Anne, Donna, Libby and Brent.037

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Genealogy Again

094(Chuck)  Indiana was the route of many of my ancestors as they helped to settle the West.  Moore, Harvey, Richards, Farren, Vandeman, Dearinger, Holmes, Wright, McCalla, Baines, Warner, Shadden, Lines, West, Golden, Filer, Hackleman, Osborn and others which are yet to be re-discovered.  Many of these families arrived in the Indiana Territory between 1803 and 1815. Some stayed and some parts of families moved on. Most left loved ones along the way. As genealogists, we find many ways to track them down and record them in our own way. County courthouses, probate records, history books, census records, land records, and cemeteries are all useful. I have been adding tombstone photos to my genealogy database and it seem to be a useful method of adding more to the record than the usual born, died and buried. I actually enjoy tramping around the old cemeteries. It is good to record the stones with a photo. We have found several instances where stones that were a little hard to read in the 1970’s are nearly impossible to read in 2010.  This stone is my Great-Great Grandfather’s headstone which is located in the Vandeman Cemetery in Brown County, IN.


This abandoned Overleese Cemetery is near Milroy, Indiana


Click on this picture and read the inscription

We spent several days in Brown, Rush and Franklin Counties, Indiana. It was fun, productive and very tiring in the heat of this Indiana summer. Often it is nearly impossible to find a legible stone that was set before 1850, it really depends on the quality of the stone. Sandstone and marble monuments do not withstand the elements well. Many of the early stones were of native fieldstone and only fragments survive. We visited twelve cemeteries in Rush County. Many older cemeteries have been abandoned and we recognize this happens, however we treat them with dignity and respect.238

This is the Moor Family plot at Pleasant Run Cemetery southeast of Rushville in Rush County, Indiana.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ohio Army friends

004(Jan) Chuck and Bruce went through Pershing Missile AIT together at Ft Sill, Oklahoma before being assigned to an Army unit near Heilbronn, Germany. Rita and I arrived in Germany one week a part to join our Army husbands there. They became like family to us as we spent the next couple of years together.

Through the years we have visited a couple of times as our families grew; the last time being 25 years ago! They welcomed us with open arms as we spent a long week-end together reminiscing about Army times. Times such as going to Paris, 24 Hours of Lemans, Rudesheim, 008Germany Beer Fests, the Laundromat at Wharton Barracks, eating at Stetton & Tillie’s and duty at Grafenwoehr, Red Leg and Kleingartach for the guys. Rita was like a second mom to our son Brent who was born during our time there. We’re so very grateful that we shared the Germany experience with these two wonderful people!

Saturday night we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Riverbank CafĂ© in their hometown Hamilton, Ohio. And after a drive around the city to see the sites we returned to have cherry pie for dessert. Chuck and I were able to park our MH in their country drive so it was easy popping in and out of their house and our rig to visit. Sunday was spent visiting in lawn chairs in their beautiful backyard and later inside in the A/C as the temps were in the 90’s with lots of humidity. Monday was back to work for Rita and a travel day for Chuck and I. Thanks so much for a wonderful time Bruce and Rita! We will not wait 25 years for the next visit!

Visiting Good Friends in Indiana

(Jan) After a wonderful visit with our family in Illinois we headed southeast to the Indianapolis area to spend several days with RV friends Jerry and Nancy. We had met the Hurley’s in 014January of 2008 and have been able to enjoy their company many times since. We stayed at the White River CG near Cicero at their recommendation and found it to be a beautiful place with cemented pads and 50 amp service.

Our time spent with these good friends flew by as we laughed, told stories and enjoyed talking about travels. We had some wonderful meals at Toucan Annie’s in Cicero, Tijuana Flats in Fishers and at the historic Shapiro’s in downtown Indy. We visited at their new Condo where they treated us to a fabulous lunch and they visited us at the CG for Burrito night and a game of Pegs & Jokers.

Genealogy has been a love of ours & the Hurley’s for years and with many of 013Chuck’s ancestors living in Indiana at one time, we had many notes to compare. As towns or places were brought up there was often laughter and a refrain of “I’ve got people there!” Together we visited the massive Crown Hill Cemetery in the center of Indianapolis as well as the Indiana State Library Genealogy Dept. We enjoyed our drive through the downtown area with it’s beautiful Soldiers & Sailors Monument, the State Capitol building and past the Colts Football stadium. At left is the grave stone of John & Mary Vandeman, Chuck’s 4th Great grandfather & grandmother at Crown Hill.

All to soon it was time to bid a fond farewell and head towards Cincinnati. Thank you for a fun visit Jerry and Nancy. We look forward to seeing you this winter!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Moore Family-July 2011

Jessica and Alexis in front, Ryan, Alison, Isaac, Jan & Chuck in the middle, Eric & Cheri w/Sparkle and Josh & Sarah w/Julianna

(Chuck) We have just finished a great visit in the Chicago suburbs with family. Josh & Sarah and family and Jan & I gathered at Eric and Cheri’s place and had great food, wonderful family time and missed Brent and Donna and their family who were detained in Ames due to a family emergency. Donna’s mother had broken her leg which required considerable care from them. Eric is a great talent with his barbeque skills and we were treated with ribs “to die for” and a marinated pork loin which has no equal. We had a chance to celebrate Jan’s latest birthday **61**, and the upcoming entry to Mooreville by Lexi, who has joined Josh and Sarah’s family. We have played cards & games and as is common to the electronic age, we have all spent hours on computers, smart phones, Mac tablets and some device that I am not sure what the name is. (Eric has his smoker set with a device which reads the pit temperature and will power a fan which turns on and off to regulate the temperature within a ten degree range.) you have to love technology and the people who can make thingsIMG_1065 happen with it. Pictured above are Jessica and Lexi in front, 031Ryan, Ali, Isaac, Jan & I in the middle and Eric & Cheri w/Sparkle their dog and Josh & Sarah w/Julianna.

(Jan) What could be better ‘girl time’ than a toenail painting party? Jessica and Lexi painted toes for Ali, Sarah and I and then painted each others. Cheri took the pics of us with our new bright pink toenails. Ali, Jessica, Lexi and I also, enjoyed making earrings. The girls did a great job!  The kids went to a splash park on Friday and on Saturday the group went to at Waterpark. Later on Friday after Chicago deep dish pizza, salads and cheesecake in honor of Lexi’s HS graduation, we all watched the movie ‘Megamind’. Saturday we laughed ‘til we cried looking at old photos and sharing stories about family adventures. On the right, Ryan is holding up a school picture of his dad Eric, taken at the same age, as Sarah, Lexi, Josh and Jessica look on. 

It was a warm, loving, happy time and will be cherished for many years to come.

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