Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Genealogy Again

094(Chuck)  Indiana was the route of many of my ancestors as they helped to settle the West.  Moore, Harvey, Richards, Farren, Vandeman, Dearinger, Holmes, Wright, McCalla, Baines, Warner, Shadden, Lines, West, Golden, Filer, Hackleman, Osborn and others which are yet to be re-discovered.  Many of these families arrived in the Indiana Territory between 1803 and 1815. Some stayed and some parts of families moved on. Most left loved ones along the way. As genealogists, we find many ways to track them down and record them in our own way. County courthouses, probate records, history books, census records, land records, and cemeteries are all useful. I have been adding tombstone photos to my genealogy database and it seem to be a useful method of adding more to the record than the usual born, died and buried. I actually enjoy tramping around the old cemeteries. It is good to record the stones with a photo. We have found several instances where stones that were a little hard to read in the 1970’s are nearly impossible to read in 2010.  This stone is my Great-Great Grandfather’s headstone which is located in the Vandeman Cemetery in Brown County, IN.


This abandoned Overleese Cemetery is near Milroy, Indiana


Click on this picture and read the inscription

We spent several days in Brown, Rush and Franklin Counties, Indiana. It was fun, productive and very tiring in the heat of this Indiana summer. Often it is nearly impossible to find a legible stone that was set before 1850, it really depends on the quality of the stone. Sandstone and marble monuments do not withstand the elements well. Many of the early stones were of native fieldstone and only fragments survive. We visited twelve cemeteries in Rush County. Many older cemeteries have been abandoned and we recognize this happens, however we treat them with dignity and respect.238

This is the Moor Family plot at Pleasant Run Cemetery southeast of Rushville in Rush County, Indiana.

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