Monday, July 11, 2011

Moore Family-July 2011

Jessica and Alexis in front, Ryan, Alison, Isaac, Jan & Chuck in the middle, Eric & Cheri w/Sparkle and Josh & Sarah w/Julianna

(Chuck) We have just finished a great visit in the Chicago suburbs with family. Josh & Sarah and family and Jan & I gathered at Eric and Cheri’s place and had great food, wonderful family time and missed Brent and Donna and their family who were detained in Ames due to a family emergency. Donna’s mother had broken her leg which required considerable care from them. Eric is a great talent with his barbeque skills and we were treated with ribs “to die for” and a marinated pork loin which has no equal. We had a chance to celebrate Jan’s latest birthday **61**, and the upcoming entry to Mooreville by Lexi, who has joined Josh and Sarah’s family. We have played cards & games and as is common to the electronic age, we have all spent hours on computers, smart phones, Mac tablets and some device that I am not sure what the name is. (Eric has his smoker set with a device which reads the pit temperature and will power a fan which turns on and off to regulate the temperature within a ten degree range.) you have to love technology and the people who can make thingsIMG_1065 happen with it. Pictured above are Jessica and Lexi in front, 031Ryan, Ali, Isaac, Jan & I in the middle and Eric & Cheri w/Sparkle their dog and Josh & Sarah w/Julianna.

(Jan) What could be better ‘girl time’ than a toenail painting party? Jessica and Lexi painted toes for Ali, Sarah and I and then painted each others. Cheri took the pics of us with our new bright pink toenails. Ali, Jessica, Lexi and I also, enjoyed making earrings. The girls did a great job!  The kids went to a splash park on Friday and on Saturday the group went to at Waterpark. Later on Friday after Chicago deep dish pizza, salads and cheesecake in honor of Lexi’s HS graduation, we all watched the movie ‘Megamind’. Saturday we laughed ‘til we cried looking at old photos and sharing stories about family adventures. On the right, Ryan is holding up a school picture of his dad Eric, taken at the same age, as Sarah, Lexi, Josh and Jessica look on. 

It was a warm, loving, happy time and will be cherished for many years to come.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Lovely post .... lovely family .... lovely memories!

Cheri said...

Awesome photos!!!! Miss everyone so much already. Safe travels.

Eric said...

Great pictures! The whole weekend was a lot of fun. And thanks for the help with the ribs Pop - it was great cooking together.

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

SO ENJOYED reading the comments. Thanks! Eric & Cheri, we loved every minute. Miss you guys, too!

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