Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reiman Gardens


(Jan) There’s a beautiful garden oasis just south of the Iowa State Football field in Ames, Iowa called Reiman Gardens. Sunday we spent a lovely time there with Brent and Donna’s family after going to Hickory Park for lunch. Pictured above is a Dragonfly Sculpture, one of many featured around the grounds.

One of our favorite spots was the Butterfly Garden.


                       ……….and on Anne’s hands!
014We were there just in time to see a member of the Staff release several ‘just out of their chrysalis’ butterflies. One promptly landed on Madeleine’s dress …………012
002 Below Stephen, Libby, Michael and Katie are watching the release.006

Despite the hot temperatures it was a great afternoon to stroll down the paths through the gardens enjoying the vivid colors around us. We ended our visit at their house eating dark sweet cherries and chocolate cookies. Yum! 


Pictured above are Stephen, Madeleine, Michael, Chuck, Kate, Jan, Anne and Libby.

017Day Lilies


Below are Stephen, Madeleine, Michael, Katie, Anne, Donna, Libby and Brent.037

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Traveling with Dick, Beth, and Moe said...

Beautiful butterfly pcs and family. Its great keeping up wiith your travels.

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