Monday, August 29, 2011

Bighorn Mountains

(Chuck) The Black Hills Boomerang is over and Jan and I needed a place to go and hide. 11 days of reminiscing with great friends, numerous food events, daily happy hours, and prolonged periods of intense laughter can wear a person out. We knew of a secret place in the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming that we had discovered a couple of years ago. We are by ourselves in an area of this park and for a very big bonus we have pretty decent Verizon service.008 Our friend Judy Sheeley says “It would take a lot of this to kill ya.”

022I have several projects to work on in the motor home and this will be a good time to start. Jan’s chair has an electrical problem, our door awning does not extend, rearranging the basement is necessary and I want to install some LED lights in our florescent fixtures. All of these projects are necessary, however I have a rule that one project a day satisfies my requirements. I am at a different stage of my life now and it is not necessary to have four different things going at the same time. This country is way too pretty to miss.

009(Jan) When we stopped in Spearfish Canyon to get supplies before heading for the mountains, I notice that they had a fresh supply of Anaheim chile peppers. Chile Rellenos have always been a favorite of mine so with the purchase of Anaheim peppers and a recipe off of the internet, we’re ready to go. 014Chuck roasted the peppers outside over the grill and after letting them steam in a plastic bag, the skins came off quite easily. We’ve got the other coating ingredients ready to go and we’ll cook them and a burger outside on the grill tonight.

(Chuck) We are back to boondocking again. 91% on the batteries and three hours of sun left for the day will provide enough electricity for all of our needs. With our solar power, the loudest thing is our area is the sound of the wind blowing through the Lodgepole Pines.


Anonymous said...

I was peeling peppers on Sunday also. Picked some up at a truck that had a roaster. They sure are good. I love chile rellenos also, so I make an egg omelet and put the cheese and chile on it and fold it over. I works for me. We sure had fun at the Boomerang. Margie

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Margie, I like that idea! Less work than breading and deep fat frying; less calories too, I'll bet. Jan

Dean and Judy Sheeley said...

I love chili rellenos! Can I come over? And I sure like your idea of leaving the big group and being by yourselves. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time together. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Nancy said...

Loved the news from your secret spot in Wyoming. That photo tells it all. Jerry's been doing a lot of grilling lately too. Just tried flank steak tonite and it was delicious. See you along the road.
Nancy and Jerry

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