Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Black Hills Boomerang

(Chuck) We are at Rush No More campground near Sturgis, SD where Betty and Duane are hosting a Boomerang. This is a lifestyle that allows us to be with friends where ever we go whether we are in our “home” area or at the most distant state in our travels. 009

We arrived in the Hills Saturday and found a spot at a Passport America campground in Black Hawk which is just down the road a few miles from Sturgis. We were by the highway and it was the last Saturday of the Sturgis motorcycle event. The highway was crowded with motorcycles going both ways. It is a big event and attracts all kinds of people; there is something for everybody in this great country of ours. On Sunday afternoon we were joined by Bill and Gisela.

(Jan) It was great to see Bill & Gisela again! We shared several great meals together and we sure enjoyed visiting and playing Pegs and Jokers!014

Custer Sate Park has been a favorite of ours for years.  We took a drive through the park on the Wildlife Loop and were rewarded by a ‘buffalo experience.’ A herd of several hundred munched on grass in the pasture and milled around our vehicle as they crossed the road. It was a thrill being among these great beasts of the plains again. After a pleasant lunch at the Cattlemen’s club in the town of Custer and a drive through ‘Needles’, tunnels and pig-tail bridges it was time for a delightful stop to see friends Art & Connie who are workcamping here in the Black Hills.  

(Chuck) We and Bill & Gisela moved to Rush No More yesterday. Betty and Duane arrived and we were off to a great start. We will be here with about seventeen other Boomer couples until 25 August. There will be the usual hiking, conversations, biking, exploring, and catching up with each others travels as we enjoy our stay here with friends. When we leave here we will take a leisurely trail through Wyoming, Colorado and be in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the next Boomerang at the Balloon Fiesta in the first week of October.


Sharon Del Rosario said...

Tell Bill and Gisela Hi for us. Sorry we won't be with you at the Boomerang, but we'll see you at Escapade and the Balloon Fiesta. We're on staff at Escapade for the first time, managing the Volunteer efforts, so we're hoping lots of Boomers will come sign up for a few hours as volunteers.

See you soon!

jcw3rd said...

So sorry we missed you when you visited with Art and Connie. We're parked right next door to them. Next time you come by to visit with them, please come over and knock on our door. We'd love to see you guys again.

-- jc&bev

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