Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Colorado Trail

(Chuck)  The Colorado Trail is a 483 mile long trail that travels from Denver to Durango. Most of the trail is above 10,000 feet and the highest point is 13,344 feet elevation. It was completed in 1987 and requires the efforts of many volunteers.015

We are fortunate to be living within a few hundred feet of the trail as it traverses this valley. In 2008 we traveled a small portion of the trail as it wound up into the forest on the South moraine in this valley. This year we decided to follow the trail up the North moraine. On this side of the valley there are very few trees and we were rewarded with a wonderful views of Clear Creek Reservoir and its upper valley. Our up and back trip was only 4.25 miles in length however it included a 916 foot elevation gain. It was a great outing and when we gained the summit of the north moraine we were greeted with a brisk breeze and a noticeable change in temperature.


005Looking east down the valley towards Clear Creek Reservoir where we’re staying 013

007Looking west up the valley toward the ghost towns of Vicksburg & Winfield

There was a thunderstorm moving up the Arkansas River Valley and it was threatening to include our little piece of Heaven. We knew it was time to return to the valley floor. Going down was much easier and it took far less time than the ascent. We arrived safe and dry at home but we were very tired. The rest of our late afternoon involved a nice hot shower and plenty of relaxing. Tomorrow we may drive up this valley or drive to the top of the mountain above Granite.

020The rain is pouring down to the east of us on the way back. We were home about 45 minutes before it started to rain on the Motor Home.

022a gnarled Juniper tree trunk

The Colorado Trail

From our MH you can see the trail running diagonally up the moraine. Click the picture to enlarge.

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Nancy said...

What a fantastic journey through Colorado!! Loved your photos with the valley. Also good to see John and Julie. Nice people. Take care.
Nancy and Jerry

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