Friday, September 23, 2011

Eagle Nest & Cimarron, New Mexico

003(Jan) Eagle Nest State Park, elevation 8200 feet, lies in a high mountain valley surrounded by mountains north east of Taos and west of Cimarron.002 The lake and park are beautiful with sunny 70 degree days and cool 40 degree nights. We took a side trip there on our way south to do a little hiking with fellow Boomers Art and Connie. On Thursday we drove north west of Eagle Nest and hiked along Clear 007Creek in Cimarron Canyon State Park. Our 3 mile hike took us up hill, over plank bridges and scrambling over rocks near the stream to a pretty waterfall where we stopped to have lunch and visit. In the evening we set up the Pegs and Jokers board and enjoyed several games. After three very close rounds the girls were ahead 2-1. It was a good stop with fun friends.

Today was travels day. Going east to Cimarron and then south took us on a route we had not traveled before. We stopped in Cimarron which is rich in history to read all of their story boards.

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‘New’ Cimarron has placed large blow-ups of their town’s famous residents along the road as well as boards that told their stories and their part in the area’s history. Cimarron was also a stopping place for military, trade wagons and and pioneers traveling the Santa Fe trail. We went into ‘Old’ Cimarron, just to the south, to see some of the historic buildings and where the Santa Fe trail came through the town. Click on any picture to enlarge so you can read the text.

009   012


Tonight we are boondocking at a Casino north of Albuquerque.  We will probably stay here until it is time for us to go to the Balloon Fiesta next week.

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