Sunday, September 4, 2011

Leaving the Quiet of the Big Horn Mountains

(Jan) It was a fabulous week high up in a quiet, pretty meadow in the Big Horn Mountains. We liked boondocking again and especially enjoyed the cool temps, opening windows with no A/C running and being able to eat outside in the sunshine. We did catch up on lots of household & bookwork tasks, along with watching some of the movies we had recorded on our DVR; Avatar, You Again, Mama Mia, Absolute Power, The Tourist, Up and Double Jeopardy. It was a great time for reading, too; King of Torts by John Grisham, The Choice by Nicholas Sparks and I, Alex Cross by James Patterson. 025

The weather, which started out as hot on the day we arrived, took us through two rain days and was decidedly cool on the day we left. In fact the last two nights got down to 33 and 29 degrees. Quite a difference from the hot sultry weather of our summer in the Midwest. 

004One of our favorite parts of this lifestyle is meeting wonderful new people along the way. Thursday evening a couple form Wisconsin pulled into our area and we had a great time getting to know fellow Escapees Jeff and Kay. A campfire and visiting at their rig and ours was topped off by going to a breakfast buffet in Buffalo this morning before Chuck and I headed south. We’ll look forward to seeing these ‘new best friends’ again down the road.

Tonight we are in Loveland, Colorado. We had intended to stop in Casper, WY to see the National Trails Interpretive Museum but it is closed until Tuesday. We’ll save that for another time. Our plan is to spend time in Rocky Mountain National Park this week where we have reservations at Moraine Park CG for Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s been quite awhile since we’ve been to RMNP so we’re really looking forward to it.

007 - Copy

A Clear sunny day followed by rain……….



         dramatic clouds and a rainbow!




livin ez said...

Looks beautiful and peaceful in the BigHorn Mts.We are in the SKP park in Wash. Should be heading south soon.I was doing something to my blog and somehow erased our blog from your blog.How do I get it back on your site.
Carolyn Kidd

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Hi Carolyn and Sam, I got you back on. We look forward to seeing you again soon. cjmoore

Anonymous said...

we tried to go to the National Trails museuam (Casper) in 2002 but it was not quite open yet, seems there was some delay. we also have that on our someday list.

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Linda, I remember you saying that and I wanted to make sure we got to go but.....sigh! May-be we can hit that one together sometime! J&C

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