Friday, October 28, 2011

Mogollon Rim Country

(Chuck) We spent nearly two weeks in Forest Lakes, AZ. It was a great restful stop in our travels. We explored a little and hiked a lot, which is a good combination for us. Our travel companions Bruce and Dee seem to be very comfortable with spending time together on the road and yet maintaining separate identities; a great way to travel as couples.

003Beautiful Rim Country above and Chuck fixing a flat tire on Jan’s bike at right. 001 006Bruce & Dee and Chuck & Jan on a hike around Black Canyon Lake.
005Dee & Bruce and Jan at All Bikes in Rye, Arizona above. And at right-Chuck and Bruce fixing pancakes and ham one morning and Chuck grilling in the snow for dinner! 008 014

007We owe a large THANK YOU to Dean and Judy for the use of their cabin property. We boondocked there and it was a good place to stay. They arrived to spend four days with us and we had a great time. When we first arrived at Forest Lakes , we were greeted with a wonderful view from our front window of the green forest and one beautiful broad leafed tree that had turned bright yellow. As the days passed the color turned to more of a gold; the temps were getting cooler. On day twelve the wind seemed brisk and as I looked at the tree all the leaves were blowing in the wind.003 It was a sign that we should have been paying more attention to the weather. That evening we were greeted with a snowfall that totaled about four inches. Fortunately the ground was warm and most of it was melted by the next morning. ‘Momma didn’t raise no dummies,’ it was time to leave. That is why our house has wheels. We went down the hill about 4,000 feet in elevation to a favorite spot south of Payson, AZ and we are once again wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts. 74 degrees at 11 am is just right. We will stay here for a few days and plan our hike to Devil’s Chasm, which is in the mountains East of Lake Roosevelt.


Cheri said...

You're just happy, aren't you? Love it.

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Glad you're having such a good time living the RV life! Love that shot of you two looking out over the landscape. How peaceful.

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