Friday, October 7, 2011

Special Shapes Rodeo Days

037DSC01751(Jan) Thursday and Friday at the Balloon Fiesta are Special Shapes Rodeo Mornings and ‘Glowdeo’ evenings with fireworks.  For the rest of our time here we are crewing for Clown-n-Around with regular crew members Judie St. Croix and Mark Thornton and Don Hankins. Our pilot is Andrew Avon and the balloon is owned by Todd and Scott Monahan all from Upstate NY. Unfortunately the weather has turned windy and rainy! Yesterday morning we were up at 5 and on the field by 6. We did get to inflate the balloon but could not fly as the winds were too strong. After inflating the balloon we were able to put our weigh on the basket and display the balloon for about an hour before deflating and packing up. Last night was too windy so no set up. This morning it was rainy but we were at the field by 6. They can launch in  light rain but the wind came but so the event was officially cancelled by 7.  Sure hope the weather clears for tonight’s ‘Glowdeo!’ We’re really enjoyed this crew and pilot.

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

Great pictures of the Special Shapes!

Jim and Bobbie said...

So glad you are enjoying the Fiesta! It is so much fun...except getting up so early to crew. Enjoy it all!

Brent Moore said...

I like the zebra.

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