Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two weeks, Three locations

003We stayed in the Foothills until the 16th and had lot of fun riding our bikes around the area and going to garage sales and visiting Joanne along the way. Other activities were

  • Having a wonderful dinner at Jim and Diane and fun playing Pegs & Jokers.
  • Shopping at the Yuma Outdoor Marketplace
  • Designing and sewing a dash cover for the MotorHome
  • Hemming our cafĂ© curtains for the front window of the MH
  • Fixing a shelf in the bedroom cupboard
  • Shopping at the Yuma Indoor Marketplace

020For four nights we stayed at the Q Casino which positioned us 2 miles from Los Algodones, Mexico where Chuck continued his dental work at the Desert Dental Clinic.  We also

  • Went for walks around the casino grounds
  • Removed the stitches from Jan’s finger & it continues to heal
  • Had dinner at KOFA RV Park at Pam & Steve’s with Bruce & Dee and played Pegs & Jokers
  • Joined Karen & Micky and Kaaren & Bill for the buffet at the Q Casino

Sunday morning we drove to Mittry Lake to join our Boomer Gan016g and celebrate Thanksgiving. Lots of fun was had with the group

  • Going for walks to Betty’s Kitchen
  • Enjoying lively Happy Hours
  • Having girls day chatting and puzzling
  • Going to another dentist appointment for Chuck & Bruce
  • Coffee around the campfire for the guys
  • Playing P&J with Bruce & Dee and Pam & Steve
  • and also with Duane & Betty and Bruce & Dee
  • Hiking and geocaching

My brother Ron and Scarlet came to visit on Wednesday.  We enjoyed lunch at a neat little German Restaurant downtown and then drove out to the Foothills to show them a bit of our winter home. After a stop at a fresh vegetable stand in the agricultural valley north of Yuma, we headed out to Lake Mittry. Visiting, a short hike and joining the Boomer group for Happy Hour made for a very pleasant afternoon. We grilled our dinner, visited some more and then it was time to take them back to their hotel.  What a wonderful, precious time with family. Can’t believe we didn’t get a picture!


126Thursday morning dawned cloudy, windy and warm. Twenty-nine Boomers gathered for a delicious meal of turkey cooked three different ways; on a rotary spit above a wood fire, in a trash can surrounded and topped by charcoal and a turkey oven baked. Nineteen Boomers boondocked at Mittry and ten more drove out from Yuma and joined us for cranberry margaritas and the wonderful turkey meal with all of the trimmings including five kinds of pie. An entertaining day was spent preparing food, drinking margaritas, eating and then visiting.

030Chefs Mark Thornton and Judie St Croix starting the coals for the trash can turkey 049Chuck and Jim in their Hawaiian shirts 120Our RVs along the canal098 
Lake Mittry
128 122Cranberry Margaritas 127Turkey on the rotating spit slowly roasting over the wood fire.

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