Saturday, November 12, 2011

What a week in Yuma, AZ

(Jan)  We arrived in the Yuma Foothills last Friday. Since then it’s been a steady stream of spending time with Joanne, walking and riding bikes, seeing friends, playing Pegs & Jokers with Ron & Sharon, doing ‘fix-it’ jobs on the rig, visiting with Fran & Bill when they joined us here on the lot for a couple of days and going to Los Algodones for Dental work. 304057

Our trips to Algodones have been to Desert Dental Care for a check–up and cleaning for Jan and several crowns and bridges for Chuck. Dr. Rosario and Dr. Crystal came highly recommended to us and we are very happy with their knowledge, skill and care.

Projects around the house include the work Chuck has done matching the wood and cutting and gluing pieces to finish off the cabinets around the oven. It involved pulling out the oven and disconnecting everything and then replacing & connecting them when he had the woodwork done. It’s a nice job and we love having that completed.

304048_10150381987997973_567857972_8067007_204275042_n[1]A group of Boomers got together Wednesday to go to a movie matinee and dinner afterwards.  This week’s pick was ‘Tower Heist’ and it was a fun movie to go to with a group. At right, clockwise from the bottom, is our group at Five Guys Burgers; Jenny & Dan, Bill & Fran, Sharon & Ron, Gary & Nancy, Jan & Chuck, Pam & Steve and Jim & Diane.

304054Remember the work being done around the stove? When we got in from the movie that evening, Jan headed for the light switch in the dark, tripped over the stove that was waiting to be replaced in the cabinets and fell, cutting her little finger on a sharp metal edge. Two and a half hours and five stitches later things were back on schedule. Luckily we could go to the Prime Care Center on 32nd & 4th Avenue and avoid the emergency room. We’re also grateful that the fairly deep cut did not damage the tendon.


Jim and Bobbie said...

Ouch!!! That looks nasty. Heal fast, dear friend.

Diane said...

Oh my, Jan, hope all is ok....and it does not hurt too much.
Hope to see you over the Thanksgiving week. Will be in Yuma but not at Mitrey - family coming in - but may stop by... Hugs to you and Chuck,
Andy and Diane

Sharon Del Rosario said...

That looks like a bad cut! Glad you didn't hurt yourself any more than that. Heal well, and in the meantime it should be a good excuse to make Chuck do all the cooking, cleaning, washing, bed making, etc!

Nancy said...

Wow, after your exciting and treacherous climb that I read about the other day, that silly old stove jumped out there and got ya. But, sure glad it's looking well now. Glad to see you guys enjoying Yuma again with friends and seeing Joanne and doing the Algodones runs. Have fun.
Nancy and Jerry

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