Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Skype is wonderful technology!  It allowed us to ‘be with’ our families on Christmas Eve at Joanne’s house in the Foothills and on Christmas Day here at Lake Mittry.  We got to visit with and see the kids and grandkids open their Christmas gifts.

003Stephen, Michael, Anne, Brent and Maddie with Katie in back and Libby’s arm reaching into the picture. We’re missing Donna, too. 026Eric, Ryan, Jessica and Cheri on Christmas Eve as Ryan opens a gift card. 007Josh with Julianna, Alison and Isaac in their ‘bear’ hats watching Lexi open her gift. We’re missing Sarah in this photo.

034We had a lovely evening after Church services at Joanne’s. The family’s traditional Oyster Stew was replaced with Nachos this year!  And after a lively game of Hand and Foot Express we enjoyed Christmas Brownies with ice cream.

The Boomer Christmas Day at Lake Mittry started off with Pop Overs at Ron & Sharon’s followed by Pegs and Jokers with the Meads, Knapps and Moores. It’s been a lively several day competition with the girls ahead ….. at this point. Our Christmas potluck dinner was delicious!  Here to enjoy the feast were: in front; Frank & Gretchen, Margie, Glenda and Wendy. In back; Ron, Chuck & Jan, Kay, our neighbor Ed, Tom, Sharon, Dick, Russ, Tom, Ina & Pat, Terry, Jane, Darlene and Don. Vince is missing in the photo. Don & Glenda’s solar step-ladder Christmas tree, at right, looks much more like a ladder during the day but is a lovely lighted Christmas Tree by night! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!050

Friday, December 23, 2011

In and Around Yuma


(Jan) Amazing as it may seem, Chuck and I spent a whole 28 days in one place, on 53rd Street in the Yuma Foothills, before moving out to Lake Mittry this morning.  With great places to bike and walk and Chuck’s mom and friends to visit, the time flew by.  Also, since we were plugged in to electricity, we watched and recorded quite a few television programs and movies.365

On Friday, December 17th we hosted our 3rd Annual Christmas Happy Hour. This year’s weather was wet and windy up until about 3:30 but when friends started arriving at 4:00 it was really quite nice. The weather plus a round of flu passing through town kept some away but we sure had a nice time with friends who came.  Pictured above are-front; Vince, Mary, Gretchen, Nancy and Margie. In Back; Ken & Bea, Frank, Jan, Wendy, Chuck, Tom, Don, Russ & Jane, Ron & Sharon, Chris, Glenda, Jerry, Frazer and Don. After the Happy Hour, our group  had a great time watching the neighborhood’s ‘Parade of Lights’ together.

106 050

At left – Pegs & Jokers with Ron & Sharon, Chuck & I and Jim & Diane. Above – Joanne and Jan playing Hand & Foot.

Chuck completed a couple more projects around the motor home, too. The footrest on my chair was no longer raising so he took it apart, ordered the parts from Villa Furniture and reassembled the chair. 001One of our Day/Night shades in the Bedroom had a frayed cord so that got re-strung, also. Our dining room chairs have been needing new padding so we took them over to Quality Upholstery Shop on Hwy 95 and they did an excellent job of replacing the seat cushions and replacing the original  upholstery. They did them both in one day and we would highly recommend them.

On our way over to pick up our chairs, we came upon this miss-hap. Apparently the driver of this truck and trailer stopped too fast and his load of lettuce shifted. It looked like two full rows of stacked lettuce fell and workers were busy cleaning it up and readjusting the stacks.  021


Yuma is called the ‘Winter Lettuce Capital’ for a very good reason. Many of the acres of irrigated farm ground north of Yuma are planted to many different varieties of lettuce.  To the right are fields of green and red leaf lettuce with a field of red leaf lettuce being harvested in the background.

One of our favorite stops along Highway 95 is this Vegetable Stand.  There’s nothing like fruit and vegetables freshly harvested!

036037 029  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011 from the Moores

015Our Christmas Greetings arrive to you this year from Arizona where we rang in the year back in January! Our travels took us to 13 states this year. In the spring we journeyed through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri on our way to visit family and friends in Iowa. A summer trip brought us through Illinois to be more family, into Indiana to seeing fellow traveling friends and into Ohio to see old Army friends. This fall we headed over to South Dakota and Wyoming and then down through Colorado, New Mexico and back to Arizona. It was wonderful to spend time with our family and friends this year. Our sons Brent, Eric and Josh and their beautiful families are thriving and active and our moms, Joanne and Dolores, are both doing well. All are pictured below.

IMG_1138In Back; Eric & Cheri Josh & Sarah w/Julianna. Middle; Ryan, Alison, Isaac Jan & Chuck. In  Front; Jessica and Lexi in July in Illinois. 014In Back; Stephen, Brent, Donna and Katie. In Front; Anne w/ Madeleine, Libby and Michael in May in Iowa. 003 (2)Jan & Chuck riding the George S. Mickelson Bike Trail in the Black Hills while attending a Boomerang (Boomer group gathering) in August in South Dakota
003Chuck & Jan a mountain view south of Payson, Arizona 008
Chuck with his mom, Joanne in Yuma Foothills, Arizona
Jan & DoloresJan with her mom, Dolores in Carroll, Iowa

This year allowed us to have some grand hiking adventures from the Ogilby Hills in California to the Rocky Mountains near Buena Vista, Colorado (picture at the top of the page), to the Mogollon Rim and Devils Chasm in Arizona (below). We enjoyed lots of biking and walking and also, some fun gatherings with Boomer friends. Another high light was getting to attend the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM and crewing with Pirates Treasure and Clown ‘n’ Around.

Above; A group of Boomer friends who came over to help us celebrate Christmas last year.

Below; Chuck & Jan and friends Bruce & Dee on a very challenging but rewarding hike to the Sierra Ancha Cliff Dwellings in Devil’s Chasm near Roosevelt, AZ 022

071037Above and Below; pictures from the Balloon Fiesta.017  

As this year slides into history, we’d like to wish everyone many of Christ’s blessing during this holy season and through out the coming New Year. Merry Christmas and have a great 2012!!           Chuck & Jan

Monday, December 12, 2011

‘Townies’ again

(Jan) For the past five winters Chuck and I have stayed in the Foothills for a week or two at a time in between spending time boondocking in different locations. Since the end of November we’ve staying on 53rd Street and are ‘townies’ again. It’s amazing how many people we’ve met during those five seasons and how many of our friends either own property here now or stay in the area for part of the winter.

One of those couples, Jim & Diane, hosted a Boomer Happy Hour to welcome friends to their new place Thanksgiving week-end.  It was a fun gathering and with 70 degree weather, perfect for visiting outside.


We’ve been doing the usual things these days; biking, walking, spending time with Joanne, playing a game or two of Pegs & Jokers with friends and doing a couple of ‘fix-it’ jobs in the MH. We hope all is well in your world!

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