Friday, December 23, 2011

In and Around Yuma


(Jan) Amazing as it may seem, Chuck and I spent a whole 28 days in one place, on 53rd Street in the Yuma Foothills, before moving out to Lake Mittry this morning.  With great places to bike and walk and Chuck’s mom and friends to visit, the time flew by.  Also, since we were plugged in to electricity, we watched and recorded quite a few television programs and movies.365

On Friday, December 17th we hosted our 3rd Annual Christmas Happy Hour. This year’s weather was wet and windy up until about 3:30 but when friends started arriving at 4:00 it was really quite nice. The weather plus a round of flu passing through town kept some away but we sure had a nice time with friends who came.  Pictured above are-front; Vince, Mary, Gretchen, Nancy and Margie. In Back; Ken & Bea, Frank, Jan, Wendy, Chuck, Tom, Don, Russ & Jane, Ron & Sharon, Chris, Glenda, Jerry, Frazer and Don. After the Happy Hour, our group  had a great time watching the neighborhood’s ‘Parade of Lights’ together.

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At left – Pegs & Jokers with Ron & Sharon, Chuck & I and Jim & Diane. Above – Joanne and Jan playing Hand & Foot.

Chuck completed a couple more projects around the motor home, too. The footrest on my chair was no longer raising so he took it apart, ordered the parts from Villa Furniture and reassembled the chair. 001One of our Day/Night shades in the Bedroom had a frayed cord so that got re-strung, also. Our dining room chairs have been needing new padding so we took them over to Quality Upholstery Shop on Hwy 95 and they did an excellent job of replacing the seat cushions and replacing the original  upholstery. They did them both in one day and we would highly recommend them.

On our way over to pick up our chairs, we came upon this miss-hap. Apparently the driver of this truck and trailer stopped too fast and his load of lettuce shifted. It looked like two full rows of stacked lettuce fell and workers were busy cleaning it up and readjusting the stacks.  021


Yuma is called the ‘Winter Lettuce Capital’ for a very good reason. Many of the acres of irrigated farm ground north of Yuma are planted to many different varieties of lettuce.  To the right are fields of green and red leaf lettuce with a field of red leaf lettuce being harvested in the background.

One of our favorite stops along Highway 95 is this Vegetable Stand.  There’s nothing like fruit and vegetables freshly harvested!

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