Monday, January 23, 2012

Boomerville 2012

(Jan)Wow! Remember in the last Blog, I mentioned all of the things that go on at Boomerville? Well, It’s ALL been happening and more!  This year when we got here, my friend Betty announced that she was serious about getting exercise and eating less so I’ve joined ‘Betty’s Boomerville Bootcamp.’ We’re walking 3 to 4 miles each morning and doing Zumba for an hour or walking 2 more miles in the afternoon every other day! Chuck has been walking, too, but the Zumba has been pretty much a ‘girl’ thing.

Some of the 9:00 morning walkers.  We have miles measured off from the Boomer Headquarters Tent and many walk each morning.400215_10150538538867973_567857972_8584676_1507069858_n[1] 041

Some of the ‘Zumba Girls;’ Betty, Jackie, Judie, Sharon, Jan, Pam, Judy, Linda and Connie. Judie sets up her computer and speakers for us.
Relaxing after the Chili Cook-Off – Dick, Duane, Chuck, Dave, Beth, Jan, Ann, Betty and Judie sitting around the fire circle.026 399830_10150538523117973_567857972_8584629_704889965_n[1]

The ‘Pace Theatre’ (power point) shows fellow traveler’s adventure – The Panama Canal, Amtrak Travel, the Rose Bowl Parade, ‘off the beaten track’ in Israel, the Maritimes, Photos from our Powered Parachute Boomer, etc.

043The people here are enthusiastic, giving and organized! Also, sharing and caring! Chuck and I have both shared other’s tales of adventures, quests, sorrows and health issues.  It’s an amazing community of heart felt support and friendly inspiration!






And the Sunrises and Sunsets have been incredible!

We’re blessed to be at Boomerville 2012.


Nancy said...

Great post Jan! You captured the enthusiasm and camaraderie of Boomerville. I notice that there is "Genealogy" on the blackboard for 10:00 a.m.? Are you and Chuck leading that one? Your photos look really nice and the blog overall is fabulous.
Stay well,

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Ditto Nancy's first two comments. We're parked with the group but, unfortunately, have been preoccupied with other matters so we haven't participated with Boomer events as much as we would like. But we share your enthusiasm for friends and the desert setting!

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