Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

020(Jan) It’s hard to believe that 2011 is History and that we’re starting into 2012! These years have certainly been flying by. The Moores spent the last week of the year at Lake Mittry north of Yuma, Arizona with the Escapee’s Boomer group that we RV with. Lake Mittry is BLM land between the Colorado river and the Gila Main Canal. We are boondocking here with 16 other rigs.  Some friends we’ve known for years; others that we have just met. Our previous December schedule of projects on the rig, household chores, time with Joanne and walking and biking have been replaced with lots of time with friends.026

As Christmas flowed into New Years week, several Boomer friends headed out to new adventures and other Boomer friends arrived to join the group. Other Yuman-being friends, Gary & Nancy and Dan & Jenny arrived for an afternoon of Pegs and Jokers and the daily Happy Hour. The following day (our 43rd wedding Anniversary) Laurie and Odel came out to hike with us. We headed northeast into the hills to do a little Geocaching. After a fabulous hike we settled down to a fun Happy Hour with them and friends Ben & Darlene.  

We’ve gotten to play cards quite a bit since we’ve been here, an evening with Ben & Darlene and Pegs & Jokers with Meads & Knapps. There’s also been several women’s circles, featuring earring making, beading, knitting and sewing. 

Chuck and I have both done several hikes.  The old Laguna Dam and it’s mile long spillway is just to the west of us beyond the ‘Betty’s Kitchen’ area.  The pictures below are from one of the days we hiked 4+ miles over to the Colorado River, across the Laguna Dam and into California.

007The mighty Colorado River is down to a very small river at this point after canal water has been siphoned off north of the dam. 002 005Ben & Darlene and Jan and Chuck at left, Ron, Chuck & Ben above.

On New Years Eve the Boomer Group gets together to get acquainted in a unique way. The Z Circle allows everyone to visit in 4 different host rigs with different traveling couples. Pictured below are the 4 groups we hosted at our motorhome in the 4 different 45 minute time slots.

021Jan & Chuck with Sam & Carolyn, Don and Jerry & Carrol. 024Chuck & Jan with Pam & Dennis, Darlene & Ben and Ron & Linda.  
029Chuck & Jan with Ed & Carol and Gretchen & Frank above.

Jan & Chuck with Ron & Sharon, Tom & Margie and Ken & Sue at right.

New Year Day featured a delicious potluck with 37 Boomers; those that are parked here and several friends from Yuma.

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