Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Steps & Ed’s Birthday Party

(Chuck) Ed’s Birthday party is the third step of the Boomer Grand Prix Circuit. It is a trifecta that few Boomers can pull off. Quartzsite Boomerville, The Parker 425 Off Road Race and Ed’s Birthday Party at The Steps. If you complete this social extravaganza by President’s day, you deserve a medal.

Ed’s Birthday has a special history. A few years ago our good friend Betty wanted to have a birthday cake for her guy Duane. She went to the store in Lake Havasu and there was only one cake available.030 On the cake was written “Happy Birthday Ed”. When Betty inquired as to why this cake was for sale she was told that poor Ed had expired just before his birthday and the cake was not picked up by the family. A little twinkle came to Betty’s eye. A discounted birthday cake was indeed a bargain and in Boomer tradition she bargained well on the price. Today’s version of the party is held at the Steps which is about nine miles south of Lake Havasu, AZ. It is getting much larger. This year there were about 100 Boomers in attendance. By coincidence there is a big fireworks event held in Lake Havasu by the Western Pyrotechnics Convention. It is called Winter Blast and is possibly one of the largest fireworks displays in the nation. It is a nice side event for those who attend Ed’s Birthday Party.

tn[3]We also had fun hiking!

Far Right; The girls out hiking-Elaine, Beth, Pam, Judy, Jan & Betty w/Mary & Judie in front.
Center; Dean, Chuck & Jan, Beth, Joyce, Judy, and Duane & Betty.
Below; Jan, Betty, Judy & Judie. Judie brought us light-up pom-poms, leis and hair pieces so we could Zumba at night.
We had a ball!

The Remote Control Boat Races were held on Lake Havasu while we were there. Very fun to watch!025


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Between ‘Rangs’

007(Jan) Many in the Escapees Boomer Group gather at Quartzsite the last two weeks in January for Boomerville and again near Lake Havasu in February.  In between these two events, Chuck and I went down to Yuma.  We had not stayed at the Paradise Casino before but found our four day stay there to be very nice and fairly quiet.  It also put us quite close to a delicious Rib Lunch at the casino w/John & Cathy, Ken & Bea, Jerry & Sue and Ron & Diana (pictured below) on Tuesday and Prime Rib with Joanne on Wednesday night. Yum! Algodones, Mexico was also close for us to make a DSC06804[1]prescription run as was the Main Street Theatre were I went with the Boomers to see ‘One for the Money.’ After reading all of Janet Evanovich’s 18 Stephanie Plum books, I was really excited to see this movie. I liked it for the most part and the movie people got most of the plot line right. Several main characters were excellent but several like Grandma, Mom and Vinny were way off. The jury is out on Ranger. I guess there is never enough time in a movie to get ‘everything’ in there and all of the characters rounded out.

Our next four days were spent at 53rd Street in the Foothills. This always puts us close to Joanne’s for a fun day of cards, cooking and laundry. I joined Sharon, Linda and Jeanne for two mornings of Zumba at local RV Parks and Chuck and I spent two great afternoons playingDSC_0001-1[1] Tripoly at Jim & Diane’s and Pegs & Jokers Express at Ron & Sharon’s. At left are Chuck, Ron, Jeanne, Sharon, Jan and Jack.

On Monday morning we drove back down to Algondones for Chuck to have his recent dental work photographed and do a little shopping; some Amaretto Tequila and those fun paper flowers pictured above. Then we were off to MM99/Road Runner south of Quartzsite for a ‘quiet’ day. I finished reading ‘The Help’ and we also went on several long walks. The ‘quiet’ part was a pit deceiving. A neighbor started beating on a drum around 9 P.M. but luckily decided to call it a night around 10:30. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Boomerville Wrap-up


(Chuck) Most people who think of Quartzsite think of dust, crowded RV’s in the desert and traffic jams in town. Boomerville is a little known secret that is just the opposite of the “conventional wisdom”. A sample of activities that take place here are potlucks, group discussions on self defense, solar power, Boondocking, any beading or craft 009activities, travel discussions, or anything that you may find interesting. All you have to do is put it on the white board and list the time, and people will come and share ideas and experiences. Do you want to talk with someone who has been on a two week African Photo Safari? There are at least four people that have done that. Do you want to know more about a summer in Alaska ? We know at least ten couples who make the trip on any given year. When we make the trip in 2013, these connections will have given us a huge advantage with the knowledge of places and timing of events, and personal experiences that tour books will not provide. Boomerville is a “Best Kept Secret”. In the above photo, we’re the eleventh rig in from the left on the top row. The picture was taken by our friend Tom who does a fly-over each morning in his powered parachute.


Jan and I started the Chili Cook Off in Boomerville three years ago. I do not remember how it started, but it seems to have developed into an annual event. This year we had 30 entries which is a record. Those who did not bring a pot of chili brought a side dish to complement the entries. Jan and I choose six judges to evaluate the entries and declare a winner. Boomers seem to be known for food events and this one is no exception for quantity and quality. 009Judges; Terry, Jan, Odel, Beth, Bruce and Larry
006Chuck, Laurie, Jan and Vicky with the Judges scores 024The Winners; 3rd-Bill D  2nd-Gretchen, 1st-Bill R
047Chuck  & Jan w/friends on our morning 2-4 mile walk; uphill going out and downhill coming home 015Bob mixing pancakes with Gretchen grilling & serving. They feed the group for CARE donations 001Pegs & Jokers w/Betty and Duane. We ALL played a Joker!!

CARE is part of the Escapees RV Club organization which provides for Continuing Aid For Retired Escapees. That means that they have the ability to park their rig at the Escapees Headquarters in Livingston, Texas and volunteers will help them with doctors appointments and basic needs while they are in transition from a full time RV lifestyle to an actual “retirement” lifestyle. At most large Escapee events, such as Boomerville, we hold a Care Auction which raises money for CARE . People donate items which have value that they may no longer need and others buy them on the auction. Jan and I help with the auction, Three of us were auctioneers and Jan and other “Vanna Whites” displayed the items. It was fun and we raised over $3,000 for the event.

010 024

The weather was sunny except this afternoon rain shower…….015We have moved on the Yuma and are now on 53rd Street after a couple of days stay at the Paradise Casino. We will visit my mother and Yuma friends, get our mail and then be off the Lake Havasu area for several weeks. The weather has been excellent and we are enjoying our RV life to the fullest.

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