Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Steps & Ed’s Birthday Party

(Chuck) Ed’s Birthday party is the third step of the Boomer Grand Prix Circuit. It is a trifecta that few Boomers can pull off. Quartzsite Boomerville, The Parker 425 Off Road Race and Ed’s Birthday Party at The Steps. If you complete this social extravaganza by President’s day, you deserve a medal.

Ed’s Birthday has a special history. A few years ago our good friend Betty wanted to have a birthday cake for her guy Duane. She went to the store in Lake Havasu and there was only one cake available.030 On the cake was written “Happy Birthday Ed”. When Betty inquired as to why this cake was for sale she was told that poor Ed had expired just before his birthday and the cake was not picked up by the family. A little twinkle came to Betty’s eye. A discounted birthday cake was indeed a bargain and in Boomer tradition she bargained well on the price. Today’s version of the party is held at the Steps which is about nine miles south of Lake Havasu, AZ. It is getting much larger. This year there were about 100 Boomers in attendance. By coincidence there is a big fireworks event held in Lake Havasu by the Western Pyrotechnics Convention. It is called Winter Blast and is possibly one of the largest fireworks displays in the nation. It is a nice side event for those who attend Ed’s Birthday Party.

tn[3]We also had fun hiking!

Far Right; The girls out hiking-Elaine, Beth, Pam, Judy, Jan & Betty w/Mary & Judie in front.
Center; Dean, Chuck & Jan, Beth, Joyce, Judy, and Duane & Betty.
Below; Jan, Betty, Judy & Judie. Judie brought us light-up pom-poms, leis and hair pieces so we could Zumba at night.
We had a ball!

The Remote Control Boat Races were held on Lake Havasu while we were there. Very fun to watch!025


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