Thursday, March 29, 2012

Color, Changes and a Cruise

053012013(Jan) Our weather here in Yuma is very spring like with temperatures most days up in the 80’s and with very little humidity, it is a wonderful place to live. The flowers around the Foothills are in full bloom and gorgeous. Petunias (above) love the Yuma climate.The cacti, in particular, are so interesting have beautiful blooms. Below is the brilliant Yellow Bells Trumpet Bush.








231Chuck and I are doing lots of biking, usually 6 to 15 miles a day.  We try to walk 2 miles each day, also.  One of the apps on my new phone is called RunKeeper. It’s great for keeping track of miles walked, cycled, ran, skated, etc. It will tell you how far, elevation gain, calories burned and much more. Yes, we did have to get a different phone as mine literally broke in half. We chose to go with a Motorola Razr. Along with having to get a different camera, because dust got inside the lens and it was not able to be fixed, and then getting new glasses, we ready for the spending to ease up!


NEW 1 019Having fun with friends hasn’t changed. To the left is a group shot of the Alber’s party. That’s a Chicken Enchilda Feast, above, with Gene, Bill & Kaaren, Chuck & I and Ron & Sharon 008Playing one last game of Pegs and Jokers with Jim & Diane and Ron & Sharon at our MH, above.

We’re getting ready for our Panama Canal Cruise. We leave San Diego next Tuesday and will sail on Holland America’s Rotterdam.  It is a 14 day cruise with stops in Puerto Vallarta, Huatulco and Puerto Chiapas, Mexico, El Quetzal, Gautemala, Fuerte Amador, Panama an all day trip through the Panama Canal, a stop in Cartagena, Colombia and after 2 days at sea we will dock at Fort Lauderdale. We’re going with 4 other couples. When we get to Florida we’ll drive across the state and stay at one of our friend’s homes in New Port Richey for 6 days before flying back to San Diego.  It’s a dream come true for me as I have always wanted to cruise. Chuck & I are both pretty excited about it and glad we are going on this adventure with good friends. We’ll report back when we return!

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Nancy said...

Wow Jan , you must be in fantastic shape. And I know you are having a great time too. Hope you two have many exciting adventures on your trip.

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