Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Up, Up Away

(Jan) Wow! Incredible! Breath Taking! Fun! Our friend Tom is out here at Ogilby boondocking near us and he offered to give Chuck and me rides in his Powered Parachute! Saturday’s and Sunday’s weather were too windy but Monday morning dawned bright and clear with virtually no wind. Time to fly!

028Jan strapped in ready to go. Pilot Tom is straightening the chute. 034Take-off and ……. 046Headed toward the mountains.
086Chuck’s turn! Tom & Chuck ready for take off. 095Flying high. 090Coming in to land.

Flying at 30-40 MPH, ground speed, and having very little structure around you is an amazing thing! You can feel the wind streaming past and as you go higher there is a feeling of ‘stillness.’  We also hit an temperature inversion as went higher. The air was warmer, around 70 degrees and dropped back down to around 63 as we got closer to the desert floor. The sights were incredible!  We have walked and hiked in the desert and the mountains many times but this was an entirely different perspective. You can see so far!

062Flying over Chuck, our MH and Jeep. 065Tom and Chuck at sunrise. 070A hill that’s been mined.
071Tom’s friend Max flying ahead of us toward the Dunes. 069Tom and Jan in his rearview mirror. 073Flying towards the Cargo Muchacho mountains.

078048A foot note; Several days ago Tom had told us about some desert art that he had spotted from the air and gave us the co-ordinates. Dean & Judy and Chuck & I hiked over to that area to see it and explore the elaborate design. When I was up in the powered parachute with Tom, he flew over the design. Wow! The intricacies of the design were incredible and much easier to see. It was wonderful to see both perspectives.

Thanks so much, Tom!  We loved flying!


Laurie and Odel said...

What fun! Loved the desert art, too.

Ann said...

Very cool! Love the desert art!

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