Monday, May 14, 2012

Hwy 395

MainmapMainmap(Chuck) We left Yuma and had decided to take Betty Prange’s advice on a route North. She wrote a piece on the beauty of the Eastern Sierra route several years ago and it lured us to Highway 395. We picked it up at Kramer Junction, CA which is also known as The Four Corners. Not the Four Corners of the states, this one is a dusty desert crossing of 395 and 58 which lies 34 miles West of Barstow, CA. Lone Pine, Mt. Whitney, Alabama Hills, Manzanar, Mammoth, CA, Mono Lake, Bodie and Lake Tahoe are all necessary stops. The Northern California and Oregon route to Pendleton is a very scenic and beautiful drive through ranch country. We followed 395 for 927 miles to Pendleton, OR where we left it for the Columbia River. Our stop in Pendleton included overnight at the Wild Horse Casino which is a mandatory overnight for any RV’er in the area. Since our last visit they have improved their parking with a very nice asphalt surface. There were ten to fifteen rigs while we were there. They also offer a full hook-up RV park for those who desire to spend their money. After a two day rest in Pendleton, we drove along the Columbia River and up north into Washington; the last 400 miles in three days.

004Colorful woolen blankets at the Pendleton Woolen Mills factory outlet store 041Stopped for a sandwich with the MH slides in, Chuck is choosing our route to Seattle 002
Saddles and Hats for sale at the historic Hamley & Co. Western Store in Pendleton
034 The waterfalls, such as the Multnomah Falls, along the Columbia River gorge are spectacular.

As we got towards Portland, in through Washington and particularly in Seattle, we began to see the most amazingly colorful flowering bushes. Many were rhododendrons.

We came to the Seattle area to visit our son Josh & Sarah and their family, and Jackie and Butch, my sister and brother in law. We have had a great time and will be in the area for about another week. Our plan is to venture North to Mayne Island to see our Buds, Bruce and Dee for a couple of days before we leave the North West to drive Highway 2 across the Northern states to the Mid West for the summer.

At right are Sarah w/Julianna, Lexi, Isaac & Josh, Alison and Gramma Jan having a picnic before a bike ride in Bothell.

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Margie said...

It is so much fun visiting family in their homes across the US. Are you taking your MH across on the ferry? when you visit Bruce & Dee.
Have fun. Margie

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