Saturday, May 5, 2012

Leaving Yuma

(Jan) The Yuma Foothills have become our ‘home base’ as we travel during the winter months. We tend to roam from Lake Havasu to the north and Ansa Borrego to the west but stay off and on in Yuma.  The winter weather there is pretty darn good. There’s oodles of friends, great biking and of course, our favorite Yuma gal, Chuck’s mom Joanne.


059Here’s Joanne, at her house and at her favorite pass time-playing cards! We’ve had some great times together this winter.


012After our cruise we stayed in Yuma for a week at good friends Ron & Sharon’s place. The weather was very hot that week; mostly in the 90’s. Staying there allowed us to restock the pantry, run errands and spend some quality time with not only Joanne but some Boomer friends.  Wednesday was movie day at the Main Street Cinema with the group. 013We saw ‘The Lucky One’ and then had burgers and fries at Five Guys. Ron & Sharon and Chuck & I also got in many games of Pegs & Jokers. Fun times!

And we did ‘stop to smell the flowers.’ Here are two of the many cactus blooms from around the neighborhood.

Now we are back on the road, headed towards Seattle to visit family!  We had heard so many great travels stories about driving 395 on the eastern side of the Sierras so we decided to drive north that way and sightsee a little on the way.

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jcw3rd said...

YES, 395 is a great way to go. We just left Seattle. Now in Blanchard, ID. Have a great trip!

-- jc&bev

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