Monday, June 18, 2012

At Gavins Point Dam, Missouri River

001(Chuck)  Today we awoke once again by our old friend The Missouri River. We are at the Corp Of Engineers park near Yankton, SD. The COE parks offer half off to camp with the America The Beautiful (Senior Pass). Most RVers call it the Old Guy Pass. At any rate, we can purchase it at age 62 for $10.00. It is good for lifetime and allows you entrance to National Parks and reduced rates at many Federal recreation sites. COE sites are usually large and offer electricity. In the Midwest you need electricity in the summer heat and humidity.

Old Muddy or Muddy Mo are names for this river. It is the longest river in North America and it travels 2341 miles from the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana to where it enters the Mississippi just North of St. Louis. Along this route it is harnessed with fifteen dams that impound the main stream of the river. Hundreds more dams contain its tributaries.002

We were by the river 11 days ago at Great Falls, MT. We found the bike trails there to be a great way to experience the river. Here we are two weeks later, again riding bikes along this ever flowing road which is on its way to the Mississippi and continues to the Gulf of Mexico.

(Jan) After leaving Great Falls, we stayed in Lewiston, MT and near Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. We then spent four days at the Hart Ranch Resort near Rapid City, SD as guests of our friends Betty & Duane. Shared dinners, walks, bike rides and playing a game or two of Pegs & Jokers were on the agenda. 032On one of the days, we drove up to Spearfish Canyon to hike along the Sunshine Creek up to the Devil’s Bathtub. The two mile hike had us crossing the stream many times and it made for a wonderful adventure.

(Chuck) Tomorrow we leave here and travel on to Iowa. We will be in the Midwest for the duration of the summer and fall. Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and hopefully Michigan will be our homes as we spend time with family and friends.

I just looked at the weather ahead of us. In Carroll, Iowa at 8:17 A.M. it is 77 degrees with a South wind of 29 mph with gusts of 44 mph. Humidity is 80% with the dew point of 71 degrees. For those of you who travel and follow the weather in degrees, also look at the dew point and observe what it feels like when the DP gets in the 70’s. I always describe it as walking out the door and walking into a wet blanket. It is not like that clear mountain air that we have left behind.

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ourbusandus said...

Not only a wet blanket, but, a warm, wet blanket,I almost feel like I'm being slowly smothered... :)

Hugs, Sharon

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