Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Busy Week

023(Jan)  We’ve back in Iowa for one week and what a very busy week it has been! A wonderful visit with son Brent & wife Donna and family was quickly followed by a marathon 4 day visit with my mom, my brothers and sister and many in our families. Fun times were had; great memories created. The 4 of us kids went to visit a nursing home for mom as she is needing an increased level of care. And today we moved her to St. Anthony Nursing Home across town in Carroll, Iowa. The move went very well. We were impressed with the facility and especially the friendly and helpful staff. My mom is pictures at right with her youngest grandchild, John, a recent HS graduate.  

Chuck and I are once again home here at Swan Lake State Park. We’ve been doing a little walking and biking.The weather has been a mixture of very warm days and a couple rainy ones. The rain was a much needed relief but many more inches are needed.

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