Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nappanee, Indiana

(Jan)Nappanee, Indiana is the home of Newmar. This is the ‘birthplace’ of our Mountain Aire Motorhome. We stayed on the factory grounds with full hook-ups for several days while went on the very informative factory tour and visited the 013area.

Nappanee is a delightful area with many Amish and Menonite shops and sites. One of these was a reclaimed furniture factory renewed as Coppes Commons. Part museum and part shopping mall, we thouroughly enjoyed our stop there.

002We also went to the Nappanee Produce Auction and came away the successful bidders on 3 small boxes of newly dug new potatoes and a small basket of fresh blackberries.

Noticing that many people were getting around on bicycle, Chuck decided to see if we could find a bike repair place. After asking a lady on one of the bicycles, we were directed to a country Bike Shop a mile or two out of town. The Amish fellow we found did an excellent job of cleaning, tuning up our bikes and repairing parts.

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