Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Newmar and Spartan

(Chuck)  We started looking for a more permanent replacement for our 5th wheel several years ago. The short list of manufacturers was Newmar and Tiffin. They are both family run companies with excellent reputations. I did not want to become distracted with the numerous builders and models that were on the sales lots. We did not have time to walk into each and every motorhome that we found. Our good friends Ron and Bernita live in a Newmar Mountain Aire Diesel Pusher. At Quartzsite in 2010 we found this beautiful 2006 MADP on a sales lot. We dreamed about how we could make it work for us and as I talked with Ron about Newmar it became obvious that there was not any other choice on this planet. (you have to know Ron to understand this.) We did find a way to make the deal and I owe Ron a big “thank you” for his input. This has been an exceptional home for us.

This summer we traveled to Nappanee, Indiana to visit the factory and take the tour of the production facilities. Highlights of the tour were solid construction, quality wood with excellent finish and awesome exterior paint to dress the finished product.  It is an impressive tour and we are even more confident in our Rig. Yeah, we RV’ers call them Rigs.

Newmar 002 Newmar 050 Newmar 008
Newmar 037
1 – Dash & miles of wiring
2 – Cabinetry
3 – Aluminum Framework of a MH
4 – 43’ Mountain Aire waiting for the slides to be installed
5- A glossy hand painted Mountain Aire reflecting the factory interior.
Newmar 060

007Our MADP is built on a Spartan Chassis which is built in Charlotte, Michigan. Charlotte is only 135 miles North and we traveled up to have their service department do the 44 point inspection, align the front end and install new front rubber.  It was a successful trip and since the coach has over 50,000 miles several other maintenance issues were preformed. I now feel like our rig will give us several more years of dependable service. These things do require extra attention and our goal is to prevent unexpected breakdowns on the road. The photo is of Motorhomes ready for their service appointments.

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