Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 34

(Jan)  The thirty-fourth week of 2012 started off with a perfect family day. Chuck & I and our two sons Brent & Eric and families met at my mom’s room at St Anthony’s Nursing Home. After a meet and greet we all went down to the party room for games, socializing and pizza. It was SO nice having mom and two of our three sons and families together! (We missed you, Josh and Sarah!) Pictured are: Cheri & Eric, my mom Dolores, Anne, Brent, Maddie, Donna and Libby in front and Ryan, Jess, Jan, Chuck, Katie, Michael and Stephen in back.

Eric 023

The families joined us at Swan Lake in the afternoon for games at the play ground and more visiting. What a great day!

We moved our MH to Yellowsmoke Park near Denison on Tuesday. While setting up our site, I was carrying some things across the lawn so didn’t see a hole approx. 1 x 1 1/2 feet which I stepped in with my right foot and felt pain, 007then immediately stepped down with my left foot, felt a twist & worst pain! Chuck helped me up and into the Jeep and off to the ER we went. X-rays were taken and it was determined that I had a slightly sprained right foot and had a broken fibula near the left ankle. Darn! But it could have been much worst! Five days later I’m able to get around the MH on crutches with the boot on my left foot and the right foot’s swelling and pain decreased measurably. Chuck has been a wonderful nurse/helpmate/cook!! I’ve also been astonished at the calls, visits, e-mails, messages, puzzles, beads and BLTs!  Thank you to my family & friends for the love and support!

Our friends Jim & Jerri and Lynn & Mary are here with their RVs, also. The guys have been getting together for coffee each morning, there have been campfires in the evenings and shared meals.  Although, I’ve spent most of my time in the MH, Chuck did take me down in the Jeep for BLTs and the campfire one evening.  Yesterday was rainy so Jim & Jerri joined us here for the Whole Enchilada, Pizza and then wanted to learn to play Pegs & Jokers. Great fun! And great home made ice cream that Jim brought for desert!


ourbusandus said...

Reading exactly what happened to you, sounds similar to what I did, except both my feet fell off a 1 ft drop and that's why my right ankle was dislocated. The difference is I had an operation with pins and screws, will be interesting to hear what your doctor says. Glad to hear you have friends around to take your mind off of it...:)

jcw3rd said...

Dang, that sounds painful. So sorry to read about your mishap. Hope you are on the mend soon.

-- jc

Nancy Hurley said...

About this time, Jan, you're probably just about "over it" with the crutches and immobility issues, right? I'm feelin' for you! When I was limited with my broken bones, it helped me to dig out the books and podcasts and other things that I had been putting aside. Then I felt a little like I was gaining some time for things I didn't have before. I know, it's just playing a game, but if it works.....

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