Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saylorville COE

031(Chuck) We have spent the last week at the COE Park in Johnston, Iowa. It is on Saylorville Lake, 11 miles upstream from Des Moines. The sites are spacious and well manicured. Saylorville is actually named for my first cousin (seven times removed) Benjamin Sailors and his family. They came here around 1845 to provide a government contract for hay to the army. I guess you have to be a genealogist to appreciate those things, in any case, it makes me smile.

043During the week we made three day trips up to Ames to visit Brent and Donna and the grandkids. Flag football, cheerleading and a birthday party filled the bill. They are a high activity family and Donna always seems to find time to cook a great meal. It has been a good summer for family visits.004

The weather has been great, and it gave us a chance to connect for a day with fellow Boomers Gregg and Sally. We have not been with them since Boomerville and it was a great visit. They have been on an extended East coast journey and are slowly returning to Arizona. 035It was good to hear about their travel experiences. We call it “Getting a Boomer fix.” It is good to be with forward looking people with positive attitudes.

We expect that Jan’s ankle is on the mend and on October 8 we hope to confirm that with the doctor. Our walking, hiking and biking activities have all been suspended and it will be good to get into that schedule again. Tomorrow we will move back to Carroll, IA again and have a chance to look in on Jan’s mother. We will spend a few days at Swan Lake State Park and then we may move on to the farm to practice our Boondocking skills. The weather has moderated and we look forward to enjoying the beautiful fall weather. It is harvest time in Iowa and I will look forward to riding around in a combine for a few days.

Friday, September 14, 2012

No Surgery

(Jan)  GOOD NEWS!! I got in to see the Orthopedic Surgeon on Monday. No surgery! No pins! Wear the Boot and DO NOT twist the ankle. Come back in one month. He said that I could have surgery and have it pinned but it wouldn't heal any faster; he'd just get to charge more!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fibula Fracture

011When I fractured my fibula 2.5 weeks ago at Yellowsmoke Park, it was put in a Boot, I was instructed to stay off of my foot, ice it 4 times a day and go to my regular doctor for possible casting if necessary. Check, check and check.

This past Wednesday the swelling finally went down (my foot is still a little puffy) and I made an appointment with an excellent Orthopedic Surgeon at the Hospital attached to my mom’s Nursing home in Carroll.048 I couldn’t get in until next Wednesday so yesterday I decided to see if I could get an appointment with my regular doctor here in Manning. She was busy but I did get in at the Clinic to see Dr McLaws. He looked at the original X-Ray and said that the fracture could hardly be seen. I would probably be able to get a brace for my ankle and get into shoes again but he was concerned with the pain I had at the site of the fracture. He said that we needed to do an X-Ray to see if healing was occurring. After the viewing the X-Ray he came back in the exam room shaking his head. The hairline fracture had worsened and would now require pinning. (Chuck and I were able to view the X-Ray.) My choices were an Orthopedic Surgeons in Council Bluffs or Doctor Dulaney in Carroll who I had made an appointment with for next Wednesday. Being Friday afternoon, it was too late to schedule Surgery but Dr McLaws thinks that surgery can probably be scheduled for early next week.

Our MH is now parked down at our farm after a 3 day stay at Swan Lake so we (me in a wheel chair) could visit my mom. Since my foot is still in the boot, I’m pretty much confined to bed rest until surgery. Chuck has pulled out the sofa in the living room for me to ‘nest’ with my computer, books and TV or I can be in the bedroom. He is working with lots of genealogy material that he wants to get scanned and into his computer. There’s also time for him to catch up on correspondence with other genealogists. We sure are enjoying the peace and quiet here. And with the weather being a pleasant 75-80 during the day, our windows are open and we’re enjoying the cool breezes, listening to birdsong and the chirping of crickets.  

corn fields - looking southeast 059
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