Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saylorville COE

031(Chuck) We have spent the last week at the COE Park in Johnston, Iowa. It is on Saylorville Lake, 11 miles upstream from Des Moines. The sites are spacious and well manicured. Saylorville is actually named for my first cousin (seven times removed) Benjamin Sailors and his family. They came here around 1845 to provide a government contract for hay to the army. I guess you have to be a genealogist to appreciate those things, in any case, it makes me smile.

043During the week we made three day trips up to Ames to visit Brent and Donna and the grandkids. Flag football, cheerleading and a birthday party filled the bill. They are a high activity family and Donna always seems to find time to cook a great meal. It has been a good summer for family visits.004

The weather has been great, and it gave us a chance to connect for a day with fellow Boomers Gregg and Sally. We have not been with them since Boomerville and it was a great visit. They have been on an extended East coast journey and are slowly returning to Arizona. 035It was good to hear about their travel experiences. We call it “Getting a Boomer fix.” It is good to be with forward looking people with positive attitudes.

We expect that Jan’s ankle is on the mend and on October 8 we hope to confirm that with the doctor. Our walking, hiking and biking activities have all been suspended and it will be good to get into that schedule again. Tomorrow we will move back to Carroll, IA again and have a chance to look in on Jan’s mother. We will spend a few days at Swan Lake State Park and then we may move on to the farm to practice our Boondocking skills. The weather has moderated and we look forward to enjoying the beautiful fall weather. It is harvest time in Iowa and I will look forward to riding around in a combine for a few days.


Sharon Del Rosario said...

We love COE parks, too. Good to hear that you're healing and looking forward to getting active again. Sweet picture of you and Maddie!

Bobbie and Jim said...

Glad to hear you are still able to move to different places and see different things. Hope all the mending is going well.

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