Monday, October 29, 2012

Amish Cooling Unit

056(Chuck) We have a Norcold 1200 refrigerator. It is a big RV fridge that seems to have an all too common failure where the heat is applied at the boiler tube. The metal tube cracks and the yellow rust inhibitor, ammonia gas and hydrogen gas all escape, resulting in a yellow substance at the back of the fridge. On a small percentage of failures the hydrogen gas can ignite and provide a source for ignition of the surrounding RV cabinet. Most RV fires are electrical, but when it happens from any source, it is a disaster. Several small manufacturers have been dealing with these failures. 020One replacement product that has a top reputation is known as the “Amish Cooling Unit”.

Several of our friends have purchased this cooling unit and all seem to have found good success. When our fridge died several weeks ago I knew what to do. I had researched this previously and found RV Cooling Unit Warehouse. David Force is the capable man who represents this company. He convinced me that proper installation was the most important part of any cooling unit. Since we were going to be in Nappanee, Indiana it was simple to travel 37 miles up the road to Shipshewana to have it installed. As it turns out we hit the mother lode. Our installer was JR Lambright who with his family, manufacturers the Amish Cooling Unit. I discovered that the improvements are far more than only 50% bigger boiler tubing. These units are redesigned to provide far better heat transfer and reliability.

For the instillation, JR & crew generously covered the surface areas inside to protect our rig. It took about three hours and it went smoothly. 033



This shows our old Norcold unit on the left and the new Amish Cooling Unit on the right. Note that the new unit does not have the tube and insulation around the boiler stack at this time.

It has been over two weeks since the installation and we found that we can run the temperature setting on 4 instead of the previous setting of 8. It stays cool and is doing a good job. The refrigerator is at 38 and the freezer 2 degrees. We are very happy with this improvement.




Here are some pictures of the manufacturing area.



Jim & Nanc said...

Interseting post. Thanks for the info.

Travel safe!!!

Sharon Del Rosario said...

A great solution to the dangerous Norcold ('nevercold') problem. Now you can have cold food AND be safe from a fridge fire.

jcw3rd said...

We too went with this Amish cooling unit and have been happy with the results. Even though we were not fortunate enough to have the manufacturer do the installation. Ours broke down while we were in Tucson, so we went to the old Beaudry's RV dealership, recently taken over by Lazydays. They claimed they could handle the job, so we ordered the replacement unit and had it shipped to Lazydays. It took them the entire day, well past closing, to finish the job. And they made at least one mistake that we know of. They pinched off the drain tube that allows the condensation and runoff from the defrost cycle to escape the fridge. That resulted in water gathering inside the unit that we had to continually mop up until we discovered the problem and had it fixed. Other than that, it's been working fine. We too started out with a setting of 4, but over time have had to up that to 6. But that's better than the 9 setting we used to have to use. It's a comfort to know that the fire danger is greatly reduced, too.

Blaise Bodway said...

I have gotten 2 units from David over the year for different RV's and have been very satisfied with them. He is top notch to work with and if there is a problem he is very quick to fix it. Very dependable

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