Tuesday, October 2, 2012



(Jan) It’s harvest time in Iowa; the combines are running in the field and there are dozens of semis loaded with grain headed to the local co-ops.  This summer’s dry, dry weather has made the yield very questionable but from recent reports it sounds like the crop in this area will be at about 60-75% of last year’s yield. 008And considering the drought, that’s pretty amazing! Our corn is scheduled to be combined soon so we are hoping for the best.

The past week has been spent visiting with relatives from Omaha & Carroll, having lunch with area cousins Jerome & Dolores after church one morning, dinner & cards with friends Ron & Edna at Swan Lake, lunch with Brent and Donna & Maddie in Ames and of course, visiting mom at St, Anthony’s. Pictured at right are Aunts Ann & Charlotte and Jan in front, Cousin Jerry, Uncle Frank, Cousins Christine & Jolene and Aunt Rosie in back. We enjoyed lunch together and then all went up to visit my mom. Charlotte and Frank are mom’s brother and sister.


Bobbie and Jim said...

You are harvesting grain and here in Alamosa area you see trucks full with potatoes from harvesting our fields.

Nancy said...

I know you are enjoying these visits with so many of your family. And your Mom is soaking up all the love...Nice. By the way, Chuck, we didn't realize your connection to the Saylorville history. Interesting. We enjoyed a nice stop there a couple of years ago.
Take care, Nancy and Jerry

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