Thursday, December 20, 2012

From Nappanee to Yuma

036According to Streets and Trips our drive from Nappanee, Indiana to Yuma, Arizona is a 1998.1 mile journey. We started at 11:30 ET after the good folks at Newmar checked the final things off of the list.044

Traveling these days has some nice advantages. We have the laptop computer powered by a Verizon Air Card running through a Cradlepoint router for our internet service. My laptop is set to Streets and Trips and so we can easily gauge distances and highway routes. Zeroing in on travel flow at major Interstate exits and ramps is a real plus. The latest advantage for us has been using our Razr smart phone to navigate us through the cities. The Navigation Ap gives us turn by turn voice commands. And when we’re wondering what the weather is doing, we pull up Weather Underground on the Laptop and check the radar of the cities on our route. Also, the website Gas Buddy is excellent for finding the prices of fuel across the US.

So how has all that helped on this trip? When we left Indiana we knew that there was a storm front headed east. We chose to go south to Indianapolis and then southwest through St Louis and Oklahoma City using Streets and Trips mapping. The smart phone and Streets & Trips definitely helped us through Indianapolis and St. Louis traffic and Weather Underground showed us that it was just bands of scattered showers that we encountered in Indiana and Illinois. Watching the weather as we drove through Missouri in the dark also helped us decide that it would be wise to keep driving as long as we were alert because we were approaching the storm front coming from the west. We decided to call it a night in Lebanon, Mo. after 568 miles. BTW, Diesel Fuel in Indiana was $4.05 and $3.71 in Rolla, MO where we filled the MH Tanks. (An interesting side note. Ft. Leonard Wood is just south of here where Chuck did his Army Basic Training 41 years ago.) 015

The storm front hit us in Lebanon, Mo at about 4 A.M. this morning. The wind gusts rocked the MH a little and we pulled in the slides to protect the slide toppers. It was still quite windy when we got up and snow dusted the landscape. We chose to restock the pantry at Wal-Mart and wait for the wind gusts to lessen before we started driving again around 11 A.M. It was still windy and snowing until we got through Springfield. At the Oklahoma state line the sun came out and the winds died down.

So as the sun sets here in western Oklahoma, we’re thinking we’ll just keep driving and see how far we get tonight. The city lights are beginning to wink on at dusk. The roads are dry and smooth. Traffic isn’t too bad. Weather is clear, cool and no wind. We’re once more full fuel; this time $3.59 in Ok City. Happy Trails!


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Great post, have a safe trip.

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