Thursday, December 6, 2012

Life on the road staying in Motels

(Jan) For five days, Chuck and I have stayed in motels. It was our only choice with our motor home in the Newmar shop. Our first stop was in Nappanee to check on the rig. Things are going well and proceeding as planned so we decided to head west to Iowa. We got into Carroll a little after 7 p.m. after 700 miles and 12 hours on the road. 057We were in time to have a wonderful visit with my mom. In the last month her health has not been the best and she has had some meds changes so we were very glad to find her in great spirits and feeling well. The following morning was spent at a couple of business appointments and putting up the Christmas decorations with mom in her room.

017From Friday afternoon through Sunday noon we were with Brent and Donna and grandkids Stephen, Katie, Michael, Anne, Libby and Maddie. We enjoyed their lively household and had a fun visit. We went to Libby’s First Reconciliation with her and Brent Saturday morning and Stephen’s Wrestling Tournament after that. It was the first wrestling meet for Grampa and I and it nearly wore us out just watching! On Sunday we all went to the Mongolian Buffet together. The extensive choices were delicious and we had a fun time trying new things.

Sunday afternoon Chuck headed down to check on the farm while Jan met her local girlfriends for a Holiday home tour in Carroll. After that Nancy, Betty, Becki, Edna & I enjoyed a co-op dinner at our friend Karen’s house in honor of her Birthday. 063

Linda and Richard joined us for a day of visiting Mom at St. Anthony’s on Monday and Tuesday. In the evening we headed down to Glen & Mary Ann’s for a delicious meal followed by visiting, cards and much laughter. We dearly missed Ron & Scarlet and are sending Big Hugs to them in California!

Tuesday evening we were delighted to be back ‘home’ here at Eric and Cheri’s house. Motels have their purpose but they are Not Quiet nor particularly comfortable or clean.


Sharon Del Rosario said...

I feel your pain on the motel thing. Spent too many years traveling for business and staying in hotels & motels. Hope you can get back into the MH soon. Meanwhile, it's nice you have the chance to visit with family.

Nancy said...

These are some good episodes you two are adding to the memory bank. Stay safe.
Nancy and Jerry

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